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Today Sup, Holmes? to spend an hour and a half old Holly Pickering, travel stories. Holly began her career with the company 20 years, working in the art of Lego Harry Potter Lego Batman 2 and Lego Marvel super Heroes

. More recently, Holly and her cohorts Games White Paper have been working hard on a title adventure first person to enter the human mind called

Ether One

. The game feels recalls


Sup Holmes legos my ether-o's with Holly Pickering screenshot

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industry luminary Chris Sawyer returns with iOS and Android project.

Scottish development astro games Chris Sawyer has redesigned its classic Transport Tycoon simulation management in 1994 for touch devices.

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.. "There are some important things to say before I hack my incredibly soft (. Phew. Here we go again) I'm a mercenary with an accelerated healing factor involved were described as unstable, which is just coo-coo. (wait, people say healthy co-COOY) I will fight for the safety of humans and mutants. (and mumans.) Be ready for anything. (Holla!) YI made ??sure to capture all my good side if I made my game third-person action shooter. (Yes, you can see my heinie.) and keep an eye on cuz some of my friends X-Men (Whoa, this paralysis!) make their appearance. (I hope you do not mind picking up the hair of their tacos.) and I am very good at killing, so I made a chain explosion combos and completely emptied my enemies. (Ev-is-cer-a-ting) YI buttload brought my skills and one of my favorite Katana (check), (Bang!) explosive weapons (PEN) tape (quack) and, of course, yours truly -. ME (Checkmate!) "!

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Xbox One, PS4 launch prices compared to inflationadjusted launches of old

Xbox PlayStation One and $ 500 and $ 4 400 exit price (respectively) are not necessarily what we call "slim" but they are not as expensive as the consoles have been in the past. Even ignoring $ 600 launch next generation PlayStation 3 the annals of the history of video game consoles are full, after adjusting for inflation, make this season seems to be a bargain in comparison.

Intellivision cost $ 300 when it was originally released in 1979, which does not appear very rare - adjusting for inflation, however, which is the equivalent to $ 849 in 2013 dollars, according to Ars Technica breaking launch price of the console and their respective histories. Joystiq

The Panasonic REAL 3DO console was by far the most expensive in history, with its output of $ 700 in 1993, which corresponds to $ 1.127 in today skrilla . Click on the source link below for more graphs comparing the cost of each console in his life, both as a percentage change and adjusted amount for the current inflation.

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For you fools who have a 3DS, but do not have
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
, however, the game is currently on sale for $ 26.59 on Amazon.

This gives players a little more money to pay your bills in real life when they are working hard to pay housing loans of the game Tom Nook. This is a big problem because we strongly believe in the life simulation games cute style.
Gallery: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (06/04/13)


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Time Warner Cable request available for customers to Xbox Live Gold. network subscription required additional compensation

Time Warner entered into an alliance with Microsoft is to launch an application on Xbox 360 later this year, offering "up to 300" the TV channels live on the system.

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Join us for our livestream from 18:00 BST / 1:00 p.m. ET.

After a short break (what? Due to launch the new site and then spent E3) Cash resume regular games, starting this week with Deadpool.

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information available soon, according to Hines.

ZeniMax VP Pete Hines called Fallout fans not to expect delivery information quarter short term.

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E3 2013 Super Joystiq Podcast special time. Many things have happened, but for the sake of what the rest of the week, it's all about the games now. Richard Ludwig, Jordan and Mike Suszek revolt against their body needs sleep to offer real impressions generation of games from the first day of the big show. A trio of driving games is first: Training Club
Need for Speed: Rivals

Forza Motorsport 5
    and past
  • Dying Light
Ryse: Son of Rome

and Crimson Dragon


Stay tuned for a full summary and comments from the press pumps press conference later in the week, with many more impressions on games in the series . See you tomorrow

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Ouya, console games based on Android that emerged from a successful Kickstarter campaign, officially launched today. The $ 99 device quickly sold in a number of retailers including Amazon and GameStop. "According Ouya, the console has more than 170 downloadable games and built a software development kit that allows people to create and test tracks directly from the hardware." Many comments suggest the console controllers are not very good, and there are reports that the Wi-Fi connectivity can be flaky. There are also many comments on Ouya is clearly unrealistic expectations of what a $ 99 device can provide. Most supporters of the Kickstarter campaign received their consoles, but some are still waiting to troubleshoot Ouya DHL.

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The majestic Podtoid this week, Jonathan Holmes is the new face of Hollywood for his role in a V for Vendetta

suite, and appearing as brave ghosts in horror movies. Jim restarts

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

while Bono Vox joined the fight for David Boreanaz to become Matt Borealis. As if that were not enough (and it is), cats gang about Zelda can be played more games, the future of Microsoft Xbox head potential, and be stupid with the silver Double Fine. So much fun! s not, you can subscribe to our App

downloaded directly

Podtoid 259: Casper The Cummy Ghost screenshot

The Moneysaver: New Leaf, Infinite, Amazon Summer Sale, Godfather

scheduled for Monday MoneySaver person is not got time for that! once took exceptional measures during the weekend, but today was not enough content to easily put up a full post. My Twitter feed is basically nothing more than Animal Crossing: New Leaf

right now, which means you will probably have this one for your 3DS today. It's hot


package is still alive,

Bioshock: Infinite

is deducted for each platform and it is best to buy

The Godfather Trilogy on Blu-ray.

Last but not least, do not miss the Summer Sale at Amazon, which is reduced around 1000 games.

The Summer Sale Amazon is escomptait around 1000 games, so get out there and start digging.

• Get everything


for an amazing price here

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Bioshock Infinite The Moneysaver: New Leaf, Infinite, Amazon Summer Sale, Godfather • Finest Columbia DLC [Steam] ($ 4) | Green Man Gaming through Dealzon | Use Code



The Borderlands Bundle will unlock the contents of OSX to activate on Steam, but also

Borderlands 1

only available via the Mac App Store, not to be able to use one. Of course, you can always use a PC or a gift to a friend.

• Stem 1 + 2 + Eets Cane [Steam / DRM] ($ 1) | Weekly Sale Humble

• StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm ($ 31) | Amazon


reduction Here are some PSN Cards, PS Plus card cards and Xbox Live. You must be a member of Reward Zone, which is free to take advantage.

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• Dark Souls ($ 16) | via Amazon offers daily game

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• Hitman: Absolution ($ 12) | Best Buy

• Pre-order Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition ($ 100) | Best Buy treated with daily game |. Probably your last chance to get this The Moneysaver: New Leaf, Infinite, Amazon Summer Sale, Godfather

• PS3 Slim 250GB + Max Payne 3 + full + Burnout Paradise GTA4 + NFS: Most Wanted + Controller + extra $ 25 credit ($ 270) | Newegg via dealnews


reduction Here are some PSN Cards, PS Plus card cards and Xbox Live. You must be a member of Reward Zone, which is free to take advantage.

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Bioshock Infinite

• Premium Edition ($ 45) | Best Buy through CheapAssGamer

• Metro: Last Light ($ 45) | Amazon

• Far Cry 3 ($ 20) | Best Buy Deals through Ben

• Hitman: Absolution ($ 12) | Best Buy

Wii U

• Monster Hunter 3 last ($ 40) | Amazon



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This Week in the Business: When a Game Ships, the Axe Falls

What happened in the video game industry last week ...

quote |. "The bike hire and fire is only one aspect of our industry when a game ships, sometimes the guillotine must fall." David Valjalo, game consultant, who speak a sad reality to make AAA games today.

quote | "There is a decrease of consoles, is the decline of a generation.", Shuhei Yoshida, president of development studios worldwide for Sony, talking about his fundamental belief in the brackets and why people are tired of the current generation.

quote |. "It is clear that the vast majority of people ... do not want to buy [games] in a straight line, "Guy Longworth senior vice president of brand marketing for Sony, why the retail game sales continue to dominate.

quote | "We will continue to support the Wii U for Christmas, and we expect to take off in terms of sales." Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, speaking of the position of the company in the Wii U.

quote |. "We are in the field of mind blowing and provide considerable experience," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg, Activision talk about what it takes to stay in business Console

quote | .. "A large company can be very stupid, very quickly," Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP, speaking difficulties related to the growth of the company over time quote |. "We work together to build this and break some rules within Microsoft" Victor Kislyi, CEO of war games, talking about the new version

World of Tanks

free-to-play game for the Xbox 360.

quote |. "Believing that the source, in this new world, as the host of the" for-EA EVP Andrew Wilson talks about his vision for the future of digital distribution service EA and how to improve.

quote | .. "The ultimate goal for us is to raise $ 1 billion for charity over the next three years," Jude Ower, CEO PlayMob, talking about their plans to integrate philanthropy in games quote |. "Believing that we are able to show something new that is independent of Ninja Gaiden
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An anonymous reader writes "A Wall Street Journal says that Google is working on a console game based on Android smartwatch, in addition to the long-rumored" material plans are the latest sign of determination to exploit the success of Google Android. the program was launched in 2008, the power of 75% of all smart phones and 57% of tablets sold worldwide in the first quarter, according to research firm IDC .... people briefed on the matter said Google responds in part to expectations that Apple will launch a rival video game in its next version of the Apple TV product. This dynamic development comes as the company is completing work on Android 4.3 and Kickstart console Ouya based on Android is finding success in the retail markets. Google is also working on a review of your Nexus Q Streaming Media unit, which the company announced last year and quickly put aside when they realized that it was a bit strange and not very useful. "

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