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Telltale develops The Wolf Among Us to weigh the most acclaimed 2012 game on his shoulders, but it's starting to look like the study may have another ace up his sleeve. Game Informer's interview with Kevin Bruner, president and co-founder of Telltale has revealed the first images and details

The Wolf Among Us

a prequel (incredibly beautiful) Vertigo popular comic series Fables

While the development of the game began at about the same time

The Walking Dead

seems Telltale view

The Wolf Of as a continuous development efforts in the study of technology and design. As The Dead Route

Wolf contain characters that recur throughout the episodes and provide difficult moral decisions for the player. After studying the statistics of players who took

The Dead

Route First screens and details on Telltale's Wolf Among Us screenshot, Telltale shifting its focus.

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You've probably seen Actresses without teeth. Or celebrities without eyebrows. A small Celebrities face. Now there Pin Facing Celeb. Beautiful.

2 channels

, the largest Internet forum in Japan, a user sent a series of images "to your face" celebrity style. As the game of pin the tail on the donkey, the physical move. However, this is not a game in itself. And nobody is blindfolded. Is Internet hijinks.

This is the first celebrity: Atsuko Maeda. In case you're not familiar with Maeda Atsuko, she is an actress and pop singer. Used to be a member of AKB48, a popular Japanese idol group.

And that's how you reorganized your cup.

Gouriki The second is Ayame, who is an actress and model. He also voiced the character of Maria 3DS game

Rhythm Thief and Treasure

the Emperor.

here and moved its features.

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Earthbound rated for OFLC in Australia
Nintendo has not announced a release date for
America North or in Europe, but they say that the game is definitely on the way to Wii U Virtual Console this year. This process is moving forward, with a listing on the Australian classification system directly from Nintendo. Earthbound

is rated M in Australia for crude humor and sexual references. Ness, you've grown so fast. Joystiq

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In Destructoid today we have a lot of video games more serious journalism.

For starters, we have some data and some rumors about the next revelation of the next Xbox. Boxart for

CoD: Ghosts, Nintendo's E3 Plan & The Bureau Declassified screenshot Call Of Duty: Ghosts

An anonymous reader writes "A new Sega console showed, however, that old who has never gone beyond the prototype stage. Sega called Pluto, and apparently only two prototype units ever made. As for what's inside the Sega Pluto, what appears to be a modified Saturn NetLink modem includes standard 28.8kbit / s. Saturn consoles allowed are connected by a dial-up connection for multiplayer games. disk was also found by another user who is a Sega Saturn internal CD-R with a special terminal for Pluto. "

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box art that could be in 2013, Call of Duty is on the shopping list.

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customize and order your own pizza with Kinect.

Microsoft has partnered with Pizza Hut to launch Xbox Live application that allows users to create and order your own pizza for delivery.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted and
Burnout Paradise


criterion appears to be spreading beyond the genre of racing games. Director of design studio and vice president Alexander Ward, responded yesterday to the recent speculation on a new Need for Speed: Underground

game, discarding all ads or imminent a new Burnout - or at least those involving itself. Joystiq

This morning, the room tweeted "The key word was" personally ".... # # tothefuture weseefarther", noting that some of the comments he made n is that reference itself. Twitter may involve independent criterion has teams working in separate games - Ward said there are only nine months, the Need for Speed ??series was "definitely an important concert" Now

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The secret Capcom Arcade Cabinet games are 1943 Kai and Vulgus
Those who buy all 15 games Capcom Arcade Cabinet Collection
receive two free games additional:.
1943 Kai and Vulgus

1943 Kai is a special version of the classic shmup 1943

former Japan exclusive. Joystiq

shmup is also similar to the

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Before jumping all in this video and run directly to the comments, I understand the question: Many (not "most" not "all") of action video games based on firearms licensed in the real world. Gunmakers are compensated by the appearance of their brands and the NFL Players Association pays its members to appear in

Madden . Is it a moral choice to a video player? This does not mean the video game violence to violence in the real world. The narrator of this piece, Mike Rugnetta PBS Idea Channel, "says explicitly. But if you're ready against the firearms industry and its chief lobbyist for the NRA, which uses video games as an intellectually dishonest fun

in his argument against any form of control of firearms, must take into account what you are buying.

Yes, some games have violence
Medal of Honor with real weapons. Think Halo.
(Think more over-the-top, like
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Undead Labs announced a launch window in June to dilapidated on Xbox live Arcade. The game formerly known as

has a bunch of zombies and action survival horror. Although Joystiq

come to PC, XBLA addition, the launch window announced Undead Labs specifically that only the Xbox 360 version will be available in June

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Fez , cute platform game Polytron Corporation that has been made in the Joystiq Top Ten list in 2012, has sold over 200,000 copies on XBLA to date. The game has exceeded 100,000 copies by the end of May 2012.

The figures come from creator Phil Fish, who took the Polytron blog today to discuss the first anniversary of the


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Editorial admits

who may have an interest "misunderstood" in the franchise.


resurrection has not managed to sell enough copies to succeed, Capcom said.

The game, a collection of Darkstalkers 3 HD Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge 'was released in March 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Capcom VP Christian Svensson took the Capcom Unity forums to recognize that if the game had appeared on the lists of best-selling digital, did not sell enough copies to be considered a success by the publisher.

    When pointed out that the game appeared in the top 10 lists of the U.S. PlayStation Store in March, Svensson said that "unfortunately, is not as high on the list, and to be really successful. "
  • Capcom hopes to continue to promote the game in the coming months, however. "We work on promotions and to improve the situation," said Svensson, assuming that Capcom would have misjudged the interests of Darkstalkers license. "We have not given up. But I am disappointed with the opening of sales compared to any other title fight response, we put on the same platform, given the frequency and urgency of requests we've had here recent years and the quality of the execution. the most complete and probably the best of this type that we have proposed. "
"And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, I do not blame the fans who buy and support the brand.'m Grateful for the guys (thank you all).'m More disappointed in my misinterpretation Information contained in this particular case. "

Darkstalkers Resurrection earned a respectable score of 8.0 on the GameSpot review last month. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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help distribute
cloudberry Kingdom

, the game platform of cooperation with an endless parade of randomly generated levels. After experiencing years of gestation and successful Kickstarter campaign cloudberry

Kingdom be released this summer (Ubisoft told us, despite what is in the video above) on Wii U, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PS3, Mac and PC.
a new developer diary, game designers Jordan Fisher and TJ Lutz defend the many obstacles we encountered in the realization of your vision and find the right partners business.


Gallery: Mulberry UK

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