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Sup Holmes, last week (on iTunes) I bit my tongue at a steady pace. Paul "Farmer Gnome" Greasely is one of the developers who make their own amazing ideas for granted in a way that makes you want to shake them and scream "You're so big jerk!"

For example, Paul has an idea for a rhythm game on Will Smith dance songs Smith. You control two analog sticks Smith button 360, making movements such as "Will Smith turn." The objective is to solve the financial crisis. Carlton is available in 2P co-op. This is an idea that Paul thought it was maybe not so good. The game can be played today, but I thought I can not disclose. Do not want to tighten? also talked about how he started in developing the next "survival of Animal Crossing 2D platform titled"

under the ocean

Will Smith, guns, and 'feel bad' games with Paul Greasley screenshot the plan to implement 11 different characters (and 11 players simultaneous co-op) for its Western release 'em up

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Etrian Odyssey 4 delays European trek to the summer

Etrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titan

a bit more than expected reached Europe after NIS America has delayed the launch window for this summer. Is expected this spring, but with the season of rapid decline, the RPG developed by Atlus not reach European stores or 3DS eShop until the summer. NIS America said a demo which includes two towers that come eShop in advance, which we think the same show in North America received


of Etrian Odyssey Europe -. First game released on the continent, but the second and third did not - brands, according JRPG guru Kat Bailey, the series has finally become major players recommended, Joystiq
Etrian Odyssey 4

soft dragged a four star in our opinion.

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An anonymous reader writes "Google seems to be preparing to launch a center of Android games with an unknown name. seems that the new center will sport a number of features, including multiplayer support, chat in game lobbies , leaderboards and achievements. leaking information to come to us courtesy of Android Police, who pleasantly stumbled upon details to demolish the apk file MyGlass, Google Copa partner application that launched earlier this week s' list. features are hidden inside, although it is not known if this was done on purpose to build hype or totally by chance. "While on the subject of Google Android hardware brand speculation, this list of signal lists some features of supplications for the Nexus rumor 5.

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In wooga believe that the future of the game is literally in the hands of the casual player: on their mobile devices. To date, they have released three of our titles on the iPhone and other Android. Our goal in the future will be increasingly multi-platform. We hired a team of Android engineers to carry our titles on this very important market. Our engineers are ready to start porting a new iOS game, if you need a Product Manager training to board and drive this project.

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Nintendo version of the first person loses March release window, Sega refuses to comment.

The Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines - pretty the overall iteration reports - was supposed to ship at the end of March. This has not happened and Sega continues to refuse to comment on the status of the project.

"There are currently no comments for ACM, sorry!" Sega representative told GameSpot today.

    Sega refused to provide a status update to the game. Demiurge Studios Developer does not speak.
  • Gearbox Software CEO, said last month that he is not sure if Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Wii U will send to all. "We'll see," said Pitchford at the time. "It's not our call. Believe that [developer Demiurge Studios] did an amazing job, "he said. "I think it's great, but Sega has to understand that." Doing the best I can. "
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC game met with a cold reception from critics upon its release in February. This has not prevented Aliens: Colonial Marines off the charts, however, that the game was the sixth best-selling title of the month in the United States, according to NPD.

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Animated platformer 'Buddy & Me' succeeds on Kickstarter

Friends & Me runner without end 2D fine shot of a boy and his "magical flying creature" pal have adventures in a world of dream "houses in infinite trees," past its $ 40,000 Kickstarter goal, finishing with $ 42,093 high. This funding will allow developers to sunbreak games to finish the game for iOS / Android, which is scheduled for June

founder Jason Behr had experience working in the Metroid Prime series as lead level designer, and

Halo 4

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In a statement provided to Kotaku, Activision confirmed Transformers



Developer High Moon Studios after completing the last match

"Activision Publishing continually working to align its expenses with its income - which is a continuous process," the statement said. "With the completion of development

Deadpool developer High Moon Studios hit with layoffs screenshot Deadpool

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Monaco takes what's yours on April 24

comes to Steam and Xbox Live Arcade on April 24. Pocketwatch Games

Monaco Joystiq
Heist is a game from top to bottom was followed conventions independent circuits and awards for years, and finally nice enough to sneak in development.

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ZeptoLab is preparing to launch the third entry his

Cut the Rope series soon

Cut the Rope: Time Travel . This new adventure is Om Nom, the bug with a craving for sweets, and becomes involved in a time machine and travels to various periods of time more likely to solve puzzles based on the physics of it for you. You know,

that old chestnut

Cut the Rope:. Time Travel

launch on iOS and Android simultaneously, but Joystiq is currently ZeptoLab said exactly when it will be. As to how time travel should be in the game, it is also a mystery.

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Platform: iOS, Android - Orion's Forge
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Pro Controller

U ThinkGeek really seems to be a big deal at first sight. It is a driver that works with Wii, Wii U, and you can even combine it with Android devices via Bluetooth. However, there are some problems with this driver, one of which is a clear sign of poor quality advertising.

Specifically, the

Review: ThinkGeek Pro Controller U screenshot

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Tank World Tactics The prototype that almost ruined Halfbrick

Fruit Ninja

finished, the guys have spent nearly two years Halfbrick shipping updates. Finally ready to do something new, Halfbrick began making prototypes. This is a simple game that everyone can play Halfbrick competition.

This is when Joystiq
Tank Tactics

was designed. Halfbrick creative director Luke Muscat was the first version, made of graph paper and small squares of paper at GDC. Silently, created the game in Halfbrick desk, gave everyone an action point and returned to his office. Three hours later, the shock took place - the whole game board was a cemetery.

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Nintendo continues its push to get their download services to the front with three first party titles that hit Japan soon. Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger


Freakyforms Deluxe

will both be released on the 3DS eShop on April 10 . Floating head Iwata was quick to show that


Freakyforms Deluxe, Dillon's 2 and Mario AR app for eShop screenshot could be used to recreate

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Deus Ex Human Defiance is a game, reveal tomorrow

The official Deus Ex Facebook announced a "first glance the world"
Deus Ex: Human Defiance morning disclosure in the comments of the property is in fact a game and not a movie. Square Enix has registered the name last month, but recorded by CBS Films Web domains emphasized the Deus Ex movie currently in production.

course, this must be tempered by morning if it is not April Fool's Day, despite a false alarm if it sounds like a track

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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The Adventures of Dash misses Kickstarter goal

After 30 days on Kickstarter fundraising, the project Robotocki platforms
The Adventures of Dash failed to reach the goal of $ 400,000, earning a total of $ 33 496 121 in support throughout the campaign.

"We know they are not alone in their desire to see this game come to life" last day of the campaign said, "and although we are not quite sure how to say this to happen at this time, we will do everything we can to keep the game alive. "the update will say the Adventures of

should be placed "on hold for the moment" to Robotocki can focus on their main project,

human factor

Joystiq The Adventures of Dash

a 2D scrolling platform game side of a boy suffering from narcolepsy, was originally slated for release in November consoles, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. the game has changed both stylistically and mechanically Dash as he was awake or asleep involuntarily, as seen in the gallery below.

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SeenGDC Playground games
Die Gute Fabrik
designer Douglas Wilson is comfortable asking people to ridicule, as demonstrated in his group at GDC on Friday "three most popular to inspire radicals New video Games." Wilson stressed the impact games, physical recreational games can have on the development of the modern video game, players get together off screen. certainly influenced famous game Wilson movement convention
Johann Sebastian Joust

Wilson asked for volunteers from the audience to go on stage and play three games that influenced Joust :. Standoff Listelanse and Danish game Clapping See a handful of members of the public wishing to fight and dueling with wooden spoons in this gallery below, and learn more about each game after the break.

Gallery: Die Gute Fabrik (GDC 2013)


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