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Watch Dogs box art has its hands full

Aiden, the main character of Ubisoft
, air a little worried about the card game. Are you considering what to order for dinner at the luxury mobile phone? Why hold a gun? He did not intend to pay for your food, right?

box art of the game is what leaves us guessing, which is why we have high-resolution versions to investigate the gallery below, found on the official website Clock dogs American and British
Facebook pages. The game is confirmed for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U, and it is expected to launch sometime in 2013.



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MewGenics revealed as a 'cat lady sim'
Meat team has finally revealed the true nature
Mew Genics
after 17 weeks teasers and details. Nicknamed the "cat lady sim"
Mew Genics

combine elements of "The Sims and Pokemon with a hint of Animal Crossing and a pinch of Tamagotchi," as the creator Edmund McMillen said on the official blog of the staff of the meat.

sounds almost as healthy as ever, right? Well, not exactly - McMillen describes a type Mew Genics Session , in which a cat thaws a "Cryo-Cube" and combined with another cat for reproduction. cat attack the second freeze, and because the attack took place while the second cat ate the second cat, then the food is associated with pain this time. Accordingly, the second hungry cat in the attic .


Later, a parasite starts successfully docked with the cat and not frozen, resulting in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, the parasite have narcolepsy, a trait inherited more later by two kittens born from the union. This condition is one of the kittens sleeping in a beauty contest for cats, the loss of competition.
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Go behind the scenes video of the making Halo 4 Map Pack Majestic.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Click here to read The Most Insane Minecart Levels In Video Games

There was a time when mining and Minecarts dominated the game. If a platform game or RPG are not mine or dungeon stage with songs to me, was not a game we felt mines in the mining sector in order to avoid a race during round-Minecarts were the most natural things of the world, as common as forests. Read more ?

Pokemon that wear hats and die screenshot

The next post on the main line



be fully polygon graphics, supposedly to better show the powers and 3D 3DS console "go time." Maybe the next step



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Joystiq You may have forgotten among all the comings and goings of the region of North America and European emissions, but last week direct Nintendo Japan presented a cute little sketch I saw Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata enter into the spirit of the house

Luigi: Dark Moon

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Katamari creator Keita Takahashi unveiling new multiplayer game at GDC
Keita Takahashi, creator
Katamari Damacy

Noby Noby Boy Joystiq
currently working on a new multiplayer focused. Takahashi will release his new job at all Wild Rumpus / Venus patrol party March 27 at GDC in San Francisco.

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New York is fucked up as always, this is why you need to take your gun and Nanosuit pinch of this episode of The Gun Show.

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one absorbing, Proteus successfully challenged the notion that forms are acceptable for video games.

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Firebase Industries presents its new game, Arcadecraft! Manage and customize your own gallery!

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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army revealed for PC

Rebellion Sniper Elite revealed:. Zombie Army, a standalone expansion co-op for Sniper Elite V2 on the PC.

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Click here to read Soldiers Used Games To Escape From The Hell That Was Afghanistan

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300 jobs are lost Distribution Group continues to streamline operations.

All Irish HMV stores shall be permanently closed with the loss of 300 jobs, the company confirmed.


choose the places you wish to travel in the next Creed murderer.

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games are able to fight seriously against the difficult issue of depression? The creators of two new games, I think.

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It is mid-February, and I have a confession: I miss my own challenge Four February. Admittedly, I have not finished a single set of four that took the month. To be fair, it proved to be a busy month as I expected, but that is not why I find fault in my quest to win four games.
rather blame entirely on

Assassins Creed

. I can not play this game now, so I'm moving towards something much more fun:

Portal 2 . We give details of their achievements # 4 If, then check webcomics last week and vote for your favorite after the holidays!

Dope 'Em If You Got' Em (Nerd Rage)

video game franchises are
your family (Dorkly)

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PSA Amazon video game Gold Box Event coming Tuesday
Like a cat waiting patiently stealth jungle prey tired, limping guard down, so does the motor winding stem Dimensions emaciated shell of our post-December portfolio. His last attempt to catch our guts event all monetary gold box games begin at 3am ET on Tuesday morning, February 19.

not know exactly what you said Gold Box event offers Daily Deal ray or understand until Tuesday. Meanwhile, Amazon has also reduced by a significant number of games and accessories within the winter sale offers, including Joystiq
Halo 4

and one year Xbox Live Gold for about $ 40 each.

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Administrator issues last round of layoffs after the planned store closings.

The CEO of the current struggle retailer HMV has left the company as administrator Deloitte 60 additional layoffs announced by his office.

Dead Space 3 exploit already found for infinite items screenshot

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highlight the unexpected success

Sleeping Dogs this week B-List.

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How Thurs Admiral Ackbar favorite video won the heart of a man.

The year 1993 was a corker. Starwing, Mortal Kombat and Doom II were impress players around the world, Jurassic Park was a masterpiece of cinema and hit Crush Doink at Wrestlemania IX.

winning The Walking Dead Telltale has innovated in the portfolio of the developer of adventure games, but in some ways it was a step backwards from the previous entries that Tales of Monkey Island. ...

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