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BioShock Infinite Configuration PC emerged from the depths of the sea, the development and minimum specifications are not terribly demanding as you might imagine. Even bet that most of the modern discipline of non-gaming laptop is capable of running
, but "Low" settings, always under Windows Vista (for the less), the rock with an Intel Core 2 Duo X2 / AMD Athlon and have DirectX 10 compatible graphics card.

Irrational Games has also dropped the news that the PC version Infinity

include conductive support and the steam is compatible Big Picture Mode, in addition to supporting multiple monitors for those Joystiq

exceed the minimum system requirements. The game also includes three DVD, because of the size of the textures. The full list of minimum and recommended two specifications can be found after the break.

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source believes new Nintendo 3DS title will be released tomorrow by Nintendo, the game will feature reports, configuration and generation of Pok?mon 1-4.

While Nintendo has already announced that its first direct Pok?mon Nintendo 2013 will showcase new exactly what this announcement entails is unknown.

However, an anonymous source quoted by Go Nintendo believes that the editor will use live-stream morning announced a new title called Rainbow Pokemon Pokemon 3DS.

"The game covers the configuration and generation of Pokemon 1-4: Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl," the source said Go Nintendo.

"You can take my word that the graphics are very well done. Perspective is similar to what is expected of Pok?mon games, but the camera is much more dynamic. Battles The graphic style is characterized by sleek very dark. research radically different and far from the use of pixel art ".
  • According to the source, the new game is competing with Pok?mon Pok?mon Black & White 2 argument 2 and over 20 new Pok?mon, two of which would be published tomorrow.
  • "This is an evolution of a Pok?mon Eevee called Draconeon old. The other is a new Pok?mon called Verbill. Seems a rodent, a bit like Pok?mon Patrat, but it has a kind of pirate theme going on. "
addition, the source said that the implementation Wii U will be released tomorrow with the game

have recently been fundamental Pokemon games Pokemon Black and White 2, released in North America in October 2012 following positive critical applause.

two games cracked NPD top 10 list of U.S. sales for the month of its inception, but no road in November (a full month of heavyweights such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo II 4).

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Temple Run Triple Play "alt =" Click here to read letters from Android this week:
Temple run Triple Play "src =" http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18d3jrnwhjzq6jpg/xlarge.jpg "width = 640 height = 360> all

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One pilot's mistake leads to massive battle in EVE Online screenshot

From time to time there are people who do not play EVE Online

ask me something important happened in the game . This past weekend, I had many people ask me about the battle of Asakai, in which a single pilot error, leads to more than 3,000 players who are called in a control system.


wild frontier allows players to do what they want. And in the battle of Asakai, wanted to steal a lot of things.

a simple operation went horribly wrong when a pilot Titan Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) click on the wrong button. Instead of distorting its fleet to its location, it distorted the territory of the pandemic Legion (PL). PL was one of the main objectives of this titan solo Thus began the assault. CFCs do not want to lose their Titan, then who asked, and reinforcements began to arrive en masse. Many


players use messaging services like IRC, Jabber, or even their cell phones to be always on guard when things like this.

drivers called to help businesses and whole alliances began to appear. PL is part of the Alliance honeybadger and decided they, too, join forces to fight. Something like this may be a good excuse to spoil someone you do not like. If someone had a grudge against someone, it was a good time to join the other side. It's a bit like how each person involved in the Second World War. The Allies called allies and some people just hated Germany, it is attached to the war.
In the battle of Asakai, 717033768274 ISK worth of ships were destroyed - or $ 24,921.30, converted into U.S. dollars. That number sink in for a second. The killboard shows all players lose ships. A total of 3,161 players from 262 alliances composed of 715 companies participated in the battle. The amazing thing is that nobody expected to occur. People began to call their friends and allies to help them, and it keeps climbing

Photo Photo

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wired opinion: Why Nvidia's New Console Portends a Transformational Year for Gaming
วันอาทิตย์ที่ 27 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2556
What happened in the video game industry in the last week. .. Click here to read This Week in the Business: 'Project Shield is a Melange of Too Many Ideas and Gimmicks.'
More ?

Click here to read A Game Developer's Take on Japan: the Myths and the Reality

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Transmission Releasing

Aliens: Colonial Marines finally reset to us, with publisher Sega launches a new teaser television to promote the title delayed several times. For soldiers PC
Colonial Marines

has a number of bonus on Steam if the players are ready to register for the expedition sponsored Weyland-Yutani before release . Joystiq

Steam pre-order bonus
include artillery shells Harpoon Sonic-remote (or SHARP) wooden gun, a weapon reference

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Capybara Games

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes now available on iOS for $ 4.99. As stated in our mini review earlier this month, a version of Android should arrive shortly after Nowish.

Clash of Heroes

a DS game that was HD-market and ported to other platforms is part-three puzzle game with fantastic hosts. It's pretty ... and quite wonderful. If somehow you missed on any other platform so far, is not lost in the new version of portableized. Joystiq

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The world has fallen into anarchy remains that government bombing whole struggle for power and generally make a mess of our beautiful planet once. As a side effect of the proliferation of nuclear and chemical war, the population starts to mutate only able to avoid physical disfigurement with technology. Or something like that. History of Platinum Games "
Anarchy Reigns

not very important, and the premise is completely carried by a long wall of text on the screen the first loading.

everything is just a backdrop to what is really important. rocket fists punching things

Gallery : Anarchy Reigns (01.09.13)


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DmC prequel comic 'The Vergil Chronicles' unleashes first issue
The first issue of the comic Titan
DmC: Devil May Cry

The Chronicles of Virgil is now available for download via comiXology. You can purchase it through a computer browser or via comiXology application on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

This first issue of the proposal of two management books, written by William Dorison (Alias ??Izu) and illustrated by Robin Recht and Patrick Pion, leading to events Ninja theory


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Sonic-esque Freedom Planet is doing the Kickstarter thing screenshot

Oh, I almost forgot Planet Freedom before? Of course you do, silly! More importantly, have you played the demo yet? Because you absolutely must do if it is not already.

Planet Freedom

fills me with good feelings for many, and it is not hard to see why. It grinds all my favorite games of all Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog

Rocket Knight Adventures

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Awards this year Spike Video Game just ended and Black Ops 2 / aa> commercial, some awards were presented at this exceptional year.

The Walking Dead won some, dragging away from the VGA 2012 Game of the Year and Best Downloadable Game, Best Game adapted. Telltale Games was also awarded Studio of the Year.

Journey had the most nominations this year and won Best PS3 Game, Best Original Score and best independent game . Best game for Xbox 360 was Halo 4

, and Best PC game was a

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

. You may have missed it because I was not in the current program.


Borderlands 2

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It's that time of the year!

The annual Spike Video Game is about to start with the host Samuel L. Jackson in Los Angeles and we're here to cover all the exclusive world and jokes on the walls of giant holograms. So join us in the next two hours or more, while trying not to fall into madness



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Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake might be the cutest game on Kickstarter

We can say that the global project most adorable Kickstarter pushed this week Monsters Ate My birthday Cake . As a puzzle game for PC / Mac and iOS Zelda style dungeons as old

Monsters ate my birthday cake

will players control a boy named Niko with cake birthday was finally consumed by monsters.

The "puzzle of the environment" has a "16-bit aesthetic, without relying on pixel art", it is inspired by Japanese pop art. The game's soundtrack is composed Disasterpeace, the artist behind games like melodies Fez and

many robots Joystiq
. SleepNinja developer is seeking $ 15,000 in funding from February 16 to pay for the Unity game engine and licensing costs. If the project reaches its goal of $ 20,000 flexible brand, the game is also coming to Android.

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