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conference 8 hours followed by European press event to 15 hours

ads set to include the release date, price and range of games

8:04 iPhone 5 launch

After last night, the attention of the world of technology is at the head of Nintendo. The gaming giant has announced details of his next big Wii U today after a press conference at 8 am (BST) and go to events in Europe and North America to 3pm.

We are waiting for a release date, price (even if the exact price UK is unlikely, with retailers should take the lead here) and an indication of the launch line-up . A lot of buzz around sworling ads cool games. Let's see how it goes.

You can watch the live broadcast of the press conference here Japanese.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Japanese presenter of the event. It is being implemented by the characteristics of the Wii U. It will support 1080p and is apparently 20 times more powerful than the original Wii.


After discussing the characteristics GamePad and from the Wii U will be compatible with all devices Wii, Iwata speaks through some some flagship titles like New Super Mario Brothers Nintendo U and Earth, the collection of mini-games showcased at E3. We. Also get some Japanese controllers and accessories price, I'll look at later, when I had more coffee


Wow, the Wii U GamePad Pro, which is like a mini-tablet and is the main selling point of the console will sale at 13,440 yen, when buying one. £ 105

exciitng more - you must be in Japan two packages, a basic package and premium package white black. The target will be 8 GB of memory, 32 GB black.


Wii U release date: December 8.

set base is 26.250 yen (£ 209), and the premium is ¥ 31,500 (£ 251). This is in line with Wehat everyone expected.


is now much discussion about the price of a GamePad additional controller shelf like that is the key function of the new console. Even if it comes with the device, if you want one, it'll cost you around £ 107.

Indie developer Brian provincial

just tweeted:

Wii U supports an additional shelf, but because of the cost (hence the few people who will buy), can not think of many games that use this feature.

a good point. All these ideas we had about, for example, football allows each participant has its own mini-screen tablet playbook, role plays or local co-op with everyone to get their own tablet - sample inventory and map it seems unlikely, perhaps?


You can relive the excitement of the announcement of Nintendo Direct Japanese version here


During the press event Iwata also announced the Nintendo Network diagram Premium only available with the Premium Package Wii U. They offer two points in favor and 10% reductions in games downloaded in digital form. It seems that the company is really pushing the digital distribution of games this time.


asked Michael French, editor of the website industry news, MCV, give us your opinion on the announcement the Japanese version. This is what he had to say:

Attention will focus largely on the price to begin with, and this is understandable. But trade in the United Kingdom and retailers have always prepared for something around the £ 250 mark. Nintendo has decided to provide two references suggests being price conscious and try to create models that are as affordable as possible for families at Christmas and a smart consumer appeal more dedicated or digital.


Since financial gain rare after the 3DS launch price and fast PriceDrop, I guess this device is priced to include a decent margin for Nintendo to keep investors happy, too.

Other facts are more or less in line with the latest version of the Nintendo important, but I think the question that we do not know the answer to until the Wii U n ' is not whether or not the consumer market increased from Nintendo software can create opportunities. Competition Wii U is not really PS3 or Xbox 360 for Christmas, it is the iPad, the Kindle Fire and the army of Android tablets for children there. The price can not be the differentiating factor in this context - it could be the reward of cheaper, high-profile industrial applications excellent games against traditional AAA games


So much discussion about the price now possible in the United Kingdom. Here, retailers tend to have the last word, based on the market price of the consoles, and it is unlikely to see a scale Yen to kilo conversion.

Eurogamer tweeted:

Our bet on a price? £ 229.99 for the Wii U 8GB, £ 279.99 for the Wii U. 32 GB (Even Vita)

also notes that the original Wii started at just £ 179.99. Do you have a price in excess of £ 200 to put in accessibility support for families completely different?


Wesley Yin-Poole

wrote a very helpful article on Eurogamer, trying to answer the question unanswered for the most part: Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox 360 or PS3?

"When the Wii U outperforms the current generation is RAM and GPU. Wii U effectively double the available RAM for games that the Xbox 360 and PS3 each have. and heard many compliments from the GPU.

"The Wii U is a pleasure to work with her because she has so much RAM report [with the PS3 and Xbox 360]" Wii U another developer who wishes to remain anonymous, we said. "In E3 just leave the game in memory and never once used the disk after the content has loaded. '

RAM combined with the GPU which means Wii U has the potential to surpass the Xbox 360 and PS3 games. According to a source, the Wii U game your company is "softer version of the console."

The big question is on the CPU. Nintendo has not published specifications, but developers say it has a lower clock speed of the PS3 and Xbox 360 architectures. If the GPU is powerful enough, the impact of this will be denied, but the execution of two joysticks is likely to have an impact on the frame rate ...


little comments now - I just talked to Piers Harding-Rolls, senior analyst at IHS Screen Digest principle.

"Yesterday had predicted a price between £ 229 and £ 250. Hopefully the premium version will be around £ 270. The big change in strategy is that Nintendo Sony responded that and Microsoft did - .. a phased approach to target different types of consumers said that Nintendo has always address the various users of the Wii U and do it with a single pricing strategy would have been difficult "

As potential problems at a price of £ 220

"It's all about the value proposition is not all about the overall price is the total package, including Content 3DS was a lesson for Nintendo .. The content the game was not there to start the backup and offer value for money. If games are there for Wii U, there is no reason not to be sold in substantial quantities. "

But the sale as well as the Wii?

"We do not think so. Do not think that the message is so simple, resonating with the consumer is not as easy., And the competitive environment is very different. This does not mean that there will be a successful product. "

Woldwide Screen Digest forecasts a sales forecast for the machine. 2.7 predict the end of the year (even if it is based on a forecast of late November launch date for the purposes of adjustment), and sales at the end of March 2013 4m.

also noted that we should not assume the U.S. will launch


Japan. The North American release for the Wii November 19, 2006, with Japan following the December 2.


comment that I have a little more for you, this time courtesy of Matthew Castillo, deputy editor of the official magazine of Nintendo .

prices in the UK alleged £ 229

"Certainly not as painful as it could be. £ 210 (¥ 26.250) for the Wii U a" home-like "is very good, especially considering how easy it will be to extend Flash Memory 8GB USB drives / memory cards. "

This is an important point. Many people do not realize that the Wii U is likely to have an SD card slot and up to four USB 2.0 ports, so there is great potential for memory expansion.

But what about the high price for a separate GamePad?

"Although I can see people being upset at 107 pounds for an extra GamePad, remember that there is currently no match with two pillows. Course at £ 107 for an extra pillow, I I wonder if any game will ever However, the reuse of Wii Remotes and Nunchucks is smart -. fortunately Wii U slots instead of the Wii in the living room, where the current owners enjoy multiplayer Wii U directly from the box, no extra charge. "

And finally, the games?

"New Super Mario Bros Land U and Nintendo have been the first choice of the launch of Nintendo land seemed an obvious candidate to be included with the machine. - This is Wii U Wii Sports - Wii Sports but while not included with the Wii in Japan, so that the same could go for the liberation of Europe / USA (announced today).

I also expect a few announcements of new games coming over the next few weeks, especially in the Tokyo Game Show on the horizon. Many regular contributors Japanese Nintendo has not interrupt - Level-5, Capcom, Tecmo Koei - which should have something of their own. We should hear more about the software announcement tonight. "

long to wait for later, so ...

Oh, and the official website of Nintendo Mag offers a complete guide to the console, joystick and specifications known here.

11:57 pm:

While we wait for more things to happen, here are my five most anticipated Wii U:


a survival horror adventure game really dark in London? This is not the kind of thing we expect from the Wii U, but the best of E3 2012. The main feature is the system of "permanent death": the control of a survivor of a zombie plague, but if your character is bitten, die and re-spawn in a totally different person then you need to find the version zombie. be before you get all your items back. Clever, tense and disturbing in the way the first two Resident Evil were.

and Wario game (title)

A collection of mini-games with some interesting uses of the joystick. In a way which must find characters walking in a city on the main screen, photography GamePad with his camera. Another challenge in multiplayer, three participants must find the character on the screen of a fourth player as he or she uses the GamePad hiding in a busy city scene. It's hard to explain, but fun.

project P-100

This unconventional as Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish) could be the surprise success of the launch line-up. Players control a large group of superheroes that save the Earth from an alien invasion. Players slide the screen gamepad to join their heroes in a number of configurations to meet specific enemies. It is exciting, elegant and eccentric. As a great Dreamcast game updated for the next generation



Another collection of mini-games, which is likely to be the "killer app" of the introductory period. Players walk around a theme park rides such as the selection of games. All challenges are based on classic brands like Nintendo and Zelda Luigi Mansion, but my favorite is Animal Crossing: Sweet Day in which two players run around a club trying to eat candy as possible, while other two game guards who try to stop them. It's pretty, but there are tactics involved deep enough.

Pikmin 3

Ah yes, classical grazing Miyamoto is back with a few visual flourishes quite nice, new types of Pikmin and intelligent use gamepad controls. The tablet screen also displays a map of the game world - a feature that we can expect to see many more traditional RPG titles start hitting the console

Well let's take a short break for lunch liveblog. I come here at 14:00, but the countdown begins to the launch in Europe.

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