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Star Wars The Old Republic joined by  HK51

Star Wars: The Old Republic

was announced, was a sure thing that we see the killer hunter killer droid in the game and, in fact, Bioware has released a teaser announcing the appearance of HK-51, some models of the line everyone's favorite meatbag-Hate Machine, HK-47.

Presumably, the droid will appear in the game like any other player, in spite of how it will be open for characters not yet clear. The trailer mentions a base of ancient ice, where

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better (very) late than never ...

The update upgraded the first Final Fantasy game has finally made ??its way to Android.

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this month, we're talking about a project kick Ouya and console game based on Android in the development of a company of the same name. Fundraising campaign was a huge success, and now have been associated with the cloud provider OnLive games for the console launch. (This is somewhat unexpected, since OnLive already sells its own pseudo-console). In the same position, the creators Ouya showed its latest design of console controllers.

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The creators of the Android operating system Ouya main console, which was disclosed as part of a campaign kick earlier this month announced today that OnLive will be available through the console since its launch. OnLive cloud gaming service allows users to broadcast games remotely operated in a variety of connected devices. This technology has been a hot topic in the gaming industry in recent years, mainly because it eliminates the need to download large customers ...

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Play the latest Humble Bundle with headphones

Humble The last package, available on August 9 consists of six discs of music and video games to none. Think of this package as a break with all the games I was buying through a safe recent sales, while still perfectly aligned with his last salary.

Joystiq This package includes music
Valkyria Chronicles

Greatest Hit

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anonymous reader writes "Romero is ready to give Ouya the benefit of the doubt, but he sees a niche for which neither developers nor players." I think it's great that they are a platform, but not really the answer comes. Apple on the next generation of consoles developers really want to invoke the spirit of the Apple II, Android is the operating system with which, "said Romero." There are two platforms: [IOS] make the money [and] is still very programmable, such as the Apple II and the other is Android, which is a platform for piracy, and we do not do something new with it. "

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hypnosec written with a strange new way to fight against piracy. Excerpt from article: "The Android-based devices were activated at speeds of millions of dollars a day and users download applications and games at a pace never seen before Despite these promising statistics, game developers based Android and applications that are not really interested in porting. games and applications that have been successful in IOS Android. Why? rampant piracy in Android! Madfinger Games has joined the long list of developers have recently turned their paid Android-based game, Dead to trigger free. originally priced at $ 0.99 in-game store, play first-person shooter is now available for free. IOS version of the game costs always 0, $ 99 and was not free. "Zero cost, but certainly not free software, one may wonder if open source games with a" gift "to build the store would be better if the property defines the initial costs.

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fans Noodlecake the strange T-em-up will be glad to know a sequel is underway.
Golf Super Stickman 2
is scheduled to be released later this year, according to the official website of the Noodlecake Games, with new levels, power-ups and ways of games. Golf
Super Stickman 2

also promises asynchronous multiplayer and a Puzzle mode, where players are faced with a series of scenarios based on the course. The platforms were not explicitly stated, but the games usually end at Noodlecake in IOS and Android.

To celebrate the announcement, Noodlecake Games was the original Golf Stickman super
freely available to the IOS and load Android.


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We have a look at all the strange things that happen in the Hasbro booth at Comic-Con 2012

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Overheard at ComicCon The battle for Seth Killian
During the afternoon "Titans Games" panel Friday at Comic-Con 2012, All PlayStation
Director Omar Kendall entered the scene just after the Street Fighter creator Yoshinori Ono , left, and he joked and intelligently Ono , left SuperBot developer was pleased to have Seth Killian Board, which, of course, came from Ono of Capcom team. "If someone is looking for a job," Kendall appeared, "you can send us an email."
Later in the panel, Kendall said panelists

creator Katsuhiro Harada
he was happy have

the Heihachi in Joystiq
PS All-Stars

as a playable character, adding that if Ono in fact, still in the room, he also would like a character

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High Moon's Deadpool game announced, coming 2013

Deadpool This game, he learned this morning was officially announced for a Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision, the game seems to be an action game and should start in undisclosed platforms sometime in 2013.

Marvel TQ Jefferson was careful during the Q and a panel session, unable to answer specific questions from audience members on platforms set of waiting and sex. "There will be many more to come," he said. Nolan North will reprise his role as the killer, who has already represented in the

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Joystiq

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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anonymous reader writes "Recently, we talked Ouya console '-. a conceptual framework based on Android game console that had a campaign boost success While most people will be happy as a non-traditional, editorials 1Up and Eurogamer have expressed some skepticism more realistic about the allegations and the Company's ability to meet these requirements for protection:. "Even putting aside the question of the installed base, one of the outlets Ouya could make developers reluctant to invest in this sector through the field of gaming. The page kickstarter, Ouya emphasizes the ability to uproot the system and cut without fear of loss guarantee. with a standard USB port and Bluetooth support, it is possible to use the devices and drivers with it other that it comes with. Whether it also opens the door this issue is piracy and emulation. Undoubtedly, much of the public interested Ouya are intrigued by the idea of ??having a box that connects to a TV and you can run emulators Super Nintendo or Genesis . Others are turning to the open nature of the system as an invitation to play their games for free, if you are as open as advertising, should not be difficult to obtain and run illegal copies of downloaded games Ouya. Ouya Uhrman CEO Julia responded with skepticism, saying: "Ouya be as safe as any other Android device. In fact, since all the paid content require authentication servers Ouya, we have an additional layer of security. piracy and openness are about to get what you want to do with the material. rooting the device does not give you access to other software. "

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Gunman Clive
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