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Steve Boxer

met with the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment to discuss the reconstruction of new IP Sony PS3, games for murderers PS Vita, his pet project and JK Rowling Wonderbook

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, I suppose that E3 2012 was the source of much needed respite.

Whatever the pressures of making a presentation in the heat of a press conference bells and whistles -. House for black, urban, which is their comfort zone


But in games, the exclusion of all others would have offered a welcome relief from toil Sony business in their fight back from a disastrous 2011.

In recent months, Sony has released financial results worst in living memory, and, in general, President and CEO Kaz Hirai of Sony - the previous holder of the work in the House - company launched a restructuring accompanied by job losses.

house was full of praise for the impact Hirai had since landing the top job at Sony this month of April: "Kaz was very clear about communicating that sense of urgency and gone are the days when the concerns of each constituency somehow obtain excess relative to the major challenges facing the organization in general.

"So on the positive side, there is a strong sense of teamwork and a sense of common purpose" A mantra of Sony. This is to integrate the capabilities of the company the best possible way. and none of the bickering and infighting that should not be tolerated in the country believe that Kaz is an agent of change: it has fully established his mantra that Sony will change and will change Sony "


of the situation - and certainly within the company to his power base - is helped enormously by the fact that the division of SCE (PlayStation part of the company) is currently profitable, then a period of loss which is inevitable during the first part of a life cycle of the console, then at least avoid any work of sacrifice.

"We benefit because we are a profitable part of the company and contribute significantly to the financial situation," he said. "We firmly believe that the area of ??interactive entertainment network and is a very strong growth potential.

"which was reinforced when, as part of its strategy very first conference, Kaz was very clear on three main areas of society they see as central to Sony's growing presence in General and we are pleased to be one of those trades. "

Sony E3

We found the house the day after Sony's E3 press conference, which won praise for the Japanese giant.

Sony filed a series of new intellectual property for the PlayStation 3, especially beyond two souls (David Cage on Heavy Rain fame), the last of us (made by Naughty Dog developers of Uncharted) and intriguing Wonderbook, which uses the PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move and a book form to generate any type of augmented reality -. books meet the pranks games


professed himself satisfied with the offer of the company.

"There are some things I would note that, non-exclusive, but only the possibility of offering three new possible IP addresses in the sixth year cycle of the platform is a huge test for Shuhei Yoshida, who runs Worldwide Studios, "he said.

"I think it's also a testament to the longevity of the platform itself. So look beyond David Cage and Quantic Dream, the last of us watching from Naughty dog, and then I chose to announce personally Wonderbook from near the house to study in London, was a relatively good performance. "

Wonderbook is clearly a personal project for the house, is delighted that JK Rowling got -. One of the first titles of the new platform will be the fate of Harry Potter

"For me there is something a little magic in terms of - as I said on stage - taking one of the oldest interfaces the data we have, which is the book, and then somehow through the magic of new technology and AR, bringing to life.

"I am a great reader, and I was an avid reader as a child, and I think there is something like a child to fulfill this dream of putting books in of life. We were very lucky that JK Rowling share our enthusiasm for the potential Wonderbook, and the excitement builds as it has been the creation of new content for the first launch of a book of spells.

"We believe Wonderbook is a very interesting model that we will start with spellbook -. I thought it was very important to come up with something akin to a very high deductible and a great storyteller - but the beauty of the platform and how it is defined is that it provides an easy development environment for many other forms of content that generates highly profitable.

"It's magic, it's wonderful and there is a sense of play, but also a book. We were punished many in the interactive entertainment industry for a particular form of content or types of games that are very important. I think this is a great opportunity for us to show that interactive forms of entertainment can be taken in other directions. "

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Lead Artist for Bethesda clarifies Skyrim's DLC plans screenshot

The only thing I like is that they develop fully fleshed studies DLC packs after the game enters the market. In an era of days in a DLC disc, fortunately, Bethesda is doing well with Skyrim

during an interview with me that the games, driving Skyrim Carofano artist Matt explains that

was the result of a brainstorming session after Game Jam. Somebody made a scene from Vampire Lord, and the team thought it would be cool enough to produce fully -. Therefore, an expansion of $ 20 was born

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Hitman: Absolution
Director of the claims that only 20 percent of player see the end game level. Not because they do not have the ability, but simply because that's what the so-called cold and calculated measures.

"We are using something far more now than we did, for good or bad,"

Hitman: Absolution
Blystad Tore OPM said. "The player may never set, even finish the game, which is very sad. Or you can just play through it once, but the game is for people who want to go through all levels one and get all of her material. is built to last, rather than a unique experience. "

said the performance metric is not only for Hitman it covers" any game. "C ' is a poor indicator, but also notes how indicators show replay incentive, with the user test reveals that "the situation or mood" makes people play levels again.

Joystiq "They want to see more, they want to find those things that makes us very happy, because it takes time and effort to get these things in"

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Again, Amazon has removed a large number of items of video games, and hides his identity behind the tracks. We know that the offer of the day, and this is good:

Max Payne 3 priced at $ 39.99. And we know that the first limited-time offer:

Spider-Man Edge of Time Joystiq
for $ 9.99. For the rest, we have the tracks after the break. Nerd Thrifty assumptions based on suggestions from time to time wave.

Continue reading

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[In this feature film a week, Gamasutra round of the week's most popular paid iPhone, free games for the iPod Touch, and present in the iTunes App Store.] highest paid this week's game titles on the iPhone App Store, as captured June 25, 2012, are as follows: 1. Temple Performance: Brave (Disney, $ 0.99) 2. Angry Bird Area (Rovio, $ 0.99) 3. Asphalt 7: heat (Gameloft, $ 0.99) 4. Plague Inc. (Ndemic Creations, $ 0.99) 5. Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick, $ 0.99) ...

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gameboard Clue Cluedo to Europe) was established in 1949. Some 40 years later Detective Clue was created, leaving intact the heart of the game, but the addition of several suspects, weapons and rooms.

Civilization 5: Gods and Kings follows a pattern almost identical. Apparently, a response to criticism that there was not enough going on Civilization 5

as there were in Civilization 4 , the

gods and kings expansion launches a large number of mechanical equilibrium in the game, just to give


To understand this, we must look to the recent past.

Civilization 5 already had its "Game of the Year Edition" launched last year, with normal marketing of game development has reached a conclusion. However, we are here with

gods and kings Joystiq
, an expansion that adds $ 30 new civilizations, wonders and buildings. With two major gameplay additions is the religion and espionage

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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - Commander Pixman
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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - Life Quest (mobile)
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the video game industry in the world - including developers, publishers and the media - has declined in Los Angeles for E3 2012 Conference

UK loan studies "for layoffs," says the report.

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future Metal Gear games, incorporate social elements ".

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Click here to read Can Nintendo Convince Us To Care About The Wii U?

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10 strokes

newly displaced.

Slingshot Racing
Platform: Windows - Build-a-Lot: Fairy Tales

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inventory management in real time and in a surprising permadeath Ubisoft survival horror Wii's most interesting U. exclusive

Coopinion Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
left portal {padding: 10px; background: # CCC; margin: 0 20px; min-height: 85px;}. Right portal {padding: 10px; margin: 0 20px; min-height:. 85px;} gate on the right img {padding-left:. 5px;} left portal img {padding-right: 5px;}
Fletcher JC: What do you expect to enter the
Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance
demonstration? A mess? Something that reflects the development of problems?

Xav de Matos: When the images are presented first game,

is not feasible. Cuts everything in the environment? It would have been a nightmare for a designer. I just cut a hole in each building and reach the end of the game! So platinum is rumored to be helping, we listened to the game was dead. There was even a report that was canceled on the inside, right?

Yes, it was canceled. And then took over Platinum Games, and made a game that even if you can not cut everything, you have unprecedented freedom in his yard. Not the game Kojima Productions wanted to do at first, but do not think many people have a problem with it after playing. It's fun to share things, is what I say. The cut is a good cut.

also seems to include plenty of opportunities to slice, which is always key in the courtyard of simulations. What worries me is that

Joystiq Rising

fall in the usual crutch to show something cool wrapped in Quick Time Events. I'm not down on QTE, but it's not what I want from something with Raiden. I want to be in control.

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