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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad coming to PSN, XBLA on June 27th screenshot

been a little over a year since the last time you heard Jeremy McGrath Offroad was supposed to be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2011. This was clearly not the case for some reason, but now 2XL Games is finally ready for release Offroad June 27th for XBLA and PSN. some pictures of the actual game play this time in the launch trailer, and looks very good shape. You can run into some buggies, off-road vehicles, and much more, apparently. At one point in the video I saw an airplane flying in the sky, I wonder if you can handle? I hope.

For only 800 Microsoft Points ($ 9.99 on PSN),

Jeremy McGrath Offroad seems to offer much for such a small price. This one really came out of nowhere. What do you think?

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Crysis 2 reappears on Steam with a Maximum Edition screenshot

Well, what is interesting. Last year,

Crysis 2 steam was withdrawn after a dispute between Valve and EA, with EA states that the valve eliminates Crytek FPS title because of a disagreement for valves with the Terms of Use. This difference could have been set aside as

Crysis 2:. Maximum Edition now available on Steam This

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you experiencing a shortage of Destination ? id Software is very concerned about this possibility, as evidenced by today's announcement Doom 3 "BFG Edition" that includes ... like all Dooms . As in: literally every game Doom

Doom 3 remastered and repackaged with is the "Resurrection of Evil" expansion in September and new levels, you call ID "The mission lost." Beyond remastered graphics, identification is also the most achievements, trophies and 3D. In the department of game, a "checkpoint saving system" is added, and issuing the flashlight is always frustrating solved with "the new armor mounted on a flashlight." If it was not enough, the edition includes BFG Doom 1
, so that it is really capable to overcome all the devils in space last single from hell, all in one package. Finally!

Continue reading Doom 3 "BFG Edition" takes 360/PS3/PC hell "this fall with the entire back catalog behind


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Microsoft site
PlayXBLA published two pictures of "Ecureuil" which is an Xbox Live without notice to be announced at E3 truth. Of course, even without the title or the actual details, we can get a pretty good idea of ??what I love the game: Avatar is in the form of people racing bikes and doing stunts in exotic environments dirt-track

> with screenshots called "AMX_Mystery" name "Avatar Motocross" seems to be a safe assumption. Whatever the name, the fans of Xbox have conclusively shown that they think that bicycles are nice - a trend likely motivated the development of this mystery game.

Joystiq Gallery: Thurs unannounced MX (XBLA)

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Capcom president and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto told investors the company's plan to "reduce the time required to develop the major titles usual three or four years only two and a half years "as part of a briefing on fiscal 2011 financial results earlier this month.
"Accelerating the development will likely increase the cost," he said. "But creating quality content is critical to their ability to survive Capcom overcoming the intense global competition. We will make substantial investments to develop this content."
President and COO of Capcom Haruhiro Tsujimoto added comments to the CEO of his own address, saying the business plan is also "increase [DLC] of sales of 2, 8 billion yen in the last fiscal year to 3.5 billion yen for the fiscal year. "The CEO also noted that the next
Resident Evil 6 free nearly three and a half after the

Resident Evil 5 Joystiq and

Lost Planet

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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - SQUIDS
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Podtoid 203: The Peehole Must Not Be Tampered Or Touched screenshot

In this week's edition of Podtoid, Hamza pre-E3 returns with promises of progress and interviews of an MMO to join forces with a SyFy TV. Yes, it looks like the next big thing, right? In addition,

Diablo III is discussed a bit more, and they make fun of new Kinect while deploring the tendency of Sony to launch things and look elsewhere. Meanwhile, the house was redesigned and Holmes E3 something something something. The man, who actually talked to a lot of games this week. As always, you can subscribe to our request direct download

Mass Effect
: Infiltrator
- developed by the same team responsible for mobile version Dead Space -. now available for download on the store for $ 6.99 Reading Google


Mass Effect: infiltration

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few weeks ago everyone was talking about new manual valve used to pay for whether utopian guide who works in one of the most extraordinary in the world. In the days following his escape, I called a few more veterans in the game development to ask your reaction to the book. Interestingly, each person who called me had read the brochure. And yes, they all had opinions. Most said that the shortcomings ...

[Every other week, Gamasutra examines Facebook's most popular games based on users active month, watching the main titles and developers in the social network to see who of attracting or losing players.] the last time I looked at the most popular games on Facebook earlier this month, all securities Zynga seemed to take a hit to their user accounts monthly, and of course not not seem to have reversed in the last two weeks. ...

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one of the most beloved first-party games Sony Playstation 1 came to PS3 and PSP through ... a company other than Sony.
Tomba! , the platform game featuring the caveman hair pink, will be released on PlayStation Network before the game by MonkeyPaw. Besides being incredibly cute

has some serious power. After a successful career during which Capcom designed the
Ghosts' n Goblins products and games Mega Man Series , Fujiwara Tokuro founded his own studio, Whoopee Camp, where he led

and its sequel for publisher Sony Computer Entertainment.

"MonkeyPaw and Sony have a good working relationship," said Greiner Joystiq. "I think they appreciate the titles we have brought to the shop. And the value the support we give to games. You have a lot of Japanese content is a clear advantage over PlayStation Xbox account. However, the parties have yet to be brought to the United States. So, our model allows Sony to expand their main developers using Japanese and Japanese get their titles to a wide audience. Therefore, Sony is ready to work with us on the securities that are not perhaps been otherwise authorized to practice. support is essential. "
MonkeyPaw worked on the acquisition of Tomba


rights for one year.

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Magic coming to PSN today, allowing players to convert their movements PlayStation wands that only work within their televisions. This adds the
Doctor Who: The clock of eternity

, a man who has a sonic screwdriver, which is essentially a magic wand led pseudoscience, and
super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition > on who can cast a magic missile

Joystiq wand without

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Saints Row: The Third adds some Penthouse Pets screenshot

google.load ("IMA", "1");

For some reason, THQ is pumping Saints Row: The Third

downloadable content. This time, the DLC adds Penthouse Pet Nikki Benz, Justine Joli, Heather Vandeven and Ryan Keely. The animals will join your group and can be called to fight alongside you in battle.

So yes, the new DLC. Never mind the fact that Saints Row: The Third

not make sense to play once you beat all the story. Or the fact that only you can recreate animals through the role of character creation. But hey, if you have to save $ 3 on nonsense, then you can get new content from today for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC / steam. Photo Photo Photo Photo At this point, however, I must only wait for the game of the Year edition is intended to produce. Or save your money for

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Platform: Android, Flash - MatchHack
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Going on about five years now, EA Sports' FIFA and NHL series have been reliably acclaimed, strong-selling titles, a remarkable run for a video game genre and publisher so henpecked by hardcore gamer criticism. Both games have smart, motivated, multinational communities that greatly value evangelizing for their sport in North America and appreciate what these two video games have done in that regard. It's easy, from a distance, to get the sense these are perfect sports video games. More »
's gameplay updates its quite similar to the
the "alt =" Click here to read NHL 's gameplay updates its quite similar to the

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Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer is about wars, fighting screenshot

google.load ("IMA", "1");
The modern military shooter could be as commonplace as the very definition of World War II were once, but I found myself strangely moved by the resumption of tracking the number of Electronic Arts in 2010. Something about

authenticity and solemn history, struck a chord with me. And while many find that the campaign is too short, like an arcade game easy to fill in a short time is something I often found myself back.

So yeah, here's a video

Medal of Honor

: Warfighter which aired during the final of the Champions League. I'll keep hoping that goes in the direction of his predecessor and away from set pieces and explosions Call of Duty.

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