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giant veteran video game has just undergone its first ever annual loss, prompting a new focus on digital downloads

At a meeting of investors after news of £ 330 million annual loss Nintendo, Satoru Iwata president presented his views on the state of the industry and plans for the future.

The big announcement is that the company is radically changing its approach to the release of the game console 3DS. Beginning with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 this summer, the Canadian manufacturer titles will be available in stores and digital download simultenously.

Customers can buy online digital versions through eShop the company, or through prepaid cards available in high street stores. According to GI.biz, Nintendo will not fix the prices of download codes, enabling retailers to choose their own.

Iwata also said that this combined approach and digital retail with the launch of the new U Wii, due out this Christmas. "For our digital business to grow dramatically, it is imperative that we increase the exposure of digital download products to potential consumers," he said.

This is a substantial movement for Nintendo, which has lagged behind its rivals Sony and Microsoft to provide a strong service for digital gaming devices.

Currently, the video game industry moves increasingly to a single digital model in which all games are sold via online download. In the market for PC games, digital downloads have resulted in retail sales over 2010, thanks to specialized services such as steam, which more than accounts of 40m active users.

Earlier this year, Sony began to make some PS3 titles simultaneously available for download or retail in the U.S., and the plan is for all games Vita to start the same way. Microsoft is resisting the simultaneous approach, but its Xbox Live service offers downloads of full games for several weeks after the release of details, and offers a lrge download only titles.

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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - Temple Run

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Did you know that you can download games hand now? This is incredibly practice! The only tricky part of it is to find good games to buy - and that's where we come with our Portabliss column. In each issue we'll tell you about a downloadable game on the iPhone, iPad, Android device, DSi, 3DS, PSP, etc. Today:.
Amoebattle Traditionally , strategy games in real time have been the domain of the PC. Attempts were made to move the genre to other platforms in the past, a degree of complexity more successfully than others, but demanding and mouse-based control systems normally have prevented bloom elsewhere. Type Amoebattle , a strategy game in real time for IOS (with a DSiWare version on the way next month). Beautiful but it can be in the heart of the real-time strategy certainly beats beneath its beautiful exterior. Continue reading Portabliss: Amoebattle (IOS, DSiWare)

Portabliss: Amoebattle (IOS, DSiWare) originally appeared on Joystiq Friday, April 20, 2012 9:30:00 p.m. ET. Please see our terms for use of feeds.


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new owner "did not intend to close stores in Iberia Thurs."

> gaming group has sold 291 of its stores
in Spain and Portugal to investments Cherrilux, who says he does not intend to any closure, protecting about 1,000 jobs of work between the two countries.

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studies NetherRealm is committed to providing a creative team and ambitious cooperative where members are encouraged to go beyond what has been done before. Together with our team is working with industry leaders, professionals in the top of their game to try to make AAA gaming experiences.

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position, announced in the workplace of the valve explained: "For years, the valve has been all about writing software that provides a gaming experience We are develop materials. to improve these experiences, and you can be an essential part of making that happen. "

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Molyneux accepts 'personal failure' for Fable III screenshot

is a glorious day, because I can talk about Molyneux cycle again. This is the method by which Molyneux tries to make his next game look good for the trash talking was the last - the last game to be exaggerated as the moon, to the detriment of any title came before the that

Ol 'Peter had windows Fable III
, but he does it again, probably to remind everyone how much he is humble. This time he went so far as to spit with the criticism, taking personal responsibility for defects in the suite.

"I take it as a personal failure. This is a personal failure," he told Eurogamer. "By failing to be sufficiently convincing that

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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - Whale Trail
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Amazon has added support for applications for the purchase of games available for Android through its AppStore, which allows game developers to offer subscriptions to digital content Thurs The Amazon Appstore launched last year, with Amazon users can purchase and download applications from Android by Amazon using any web browser, or through Amazon Android Appstore. With this latest initiative, Amazon hopes to attract more users to its Android Appstore, probably 1-Click purchasing, and what he says is ...

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Platform: iPhone OS, Android - Word to Word
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Discover some Bluecoat any trailer teaser - North and South.

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be veterans of the gaming industry convention season, which are harder to catch when it comes to seeing strange things in the showrooms. We saw trucks of food and crazy shoes, and throwing open, but we have yet to see a direct application of tattoos, and even less based on a video game.

Input: Far Cry 3

Ubisoft hired a

tattoo pre-screen for the audience. tattoo is applied just above. More than one Far Cry 3 logo, tattooees (

Joystiq tattooines) is to get a tribal tattoo torn the game. Maybe a game logo should be the way forward - to help you remember when you explain the origin of this art when you're 80.

Sonic 4: Episode II will rain chili dogs on May 15th screenshot

"Rain Dogs chile" Sonic refers to "release date" (this cartoon influenced me to eat way

too many dogs days in Chile). As the first Sonic 4 title

Episode 2 's on every platform under the sun.

Release dates

are: May 15 (PSN), May 16 (XBLA), TBA May (IOS, PC), June (Android), Windows Phone (July). Sega also revealed that if you have already purchased

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In short: Rockstar Games will bring the first Max Payne game, originally released for Windows nearly eleven years, IOS and Android later this month. This mobile edition of the third person shooter follows several months after Rockstar transferred to another under the old but very popular console, Grand Theft Auto III, IOS and Android. This version has worked well for the editor, often appears in the platforms of the highest of the week lists Grossing games. It provides high definition images, controls ...

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I admit, I was excited a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles in first. My experience with other "Xeno" (track


) could perhaps be described as contemptuous. For me, these titles marched the worst elements of Japanese role-playing in front of a projector, happily showing the most important kind of defects in the world stretching painful. Enter the heart of the issue of why I think it's terrible these games is another whole article, but suffice it to say that another set of Xeno-not exactly high on my wish list of reading - until I started hearing nothing but praise for Xenoblade like-minded fans of JRPG genre. Imagine my surprise when I pop the disc into my Wii to find a game as in the past, none of Xenos - a game that, instead of stubbornly pushing the worst parts of JRPGs on his face, has made ??substantial progress on gender

Gallery: Xenoblade Chronicles

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The Pinball Arcade comes to PS3 and Vita on Tuesday screenshot

Having published some other platforms like iPhone OS, Android, and the Xbox Live Arcade

The Pinball Arcade being prepare for PlayStation 3 and Vita launch next week. It's so nice to see regular pinball to get in this day and age, although, like a video game.

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Promoted blog: Why does everything turn into a fight? screenshot

[Dtoid Community Blogger Altum Videtur just wants everyone to hear. Is that asking too much? Want to see your words appear on the first page get written -? Mr. Andy Dixon]

Despite our insistence that video games do not actually change our brain with a psychopathic mass murderer whose eyeballs and scrotum were simply injected with powder extracted from a raging Raging Bull, you think would do a better job not to attack anything that moves. Maybe I was spoiled by overexposure to modern sensationalist yellow fog press all, but it is really taking the apparently People try to do everything in the industry in a fight. The idea that I realized when I heard the rumor about the PlayStation 4 (Orbis or if you really want to call it) and its use according to rumor-fighting games functionality, and if it is not totally and completely false, it would be a great success in the fight against the games used, the legitimization of the "Go Online" system on a scale of the console at all. see you there? "The Battle"?

As publishers against piracy. EA vs. Activision OR. Or Japanese vs. Western developers. Or hand vs. Smartphones. EA (again) made his damndest to raise


Call of Duty and Dark Souls > somehow ended cons


Dragon Age 2 was dragged in a fight with

Witcher 2 , EA (again again) withdrew its games on steam to drive sales in the beginning, and I don ' I need not mention PC vs. consoles, or wars between them on the console.

There are two things that revolve around the question. One is my old-X-can-beat-up-your-Y (nuh-uh!) phenomenon, as illustrated by four RPG there. It appears around almost everything there is, therefore, why it would be better if you just not so angry when people

things that we do not like

a - gasp, hyperventilate, soaking up the tears with a tissue - were hit by a couple of millennia now, so I'll stick with that

More worrying is the mentality that the success of an element in the video game industry is expected to counterbalance the absence of another. The purpose-designed

Battlefield Call of Duty

shit storm is probably the clearest example, and more recent, in the insistence of the old


last Photo probably take the focus off their own forces and work to their detriment. God forbid someone does buy and enjoy both games, right? Photo Photo

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1.4 billion videos viewed in February for the online network, including nearly 400 meters of mobile devices

video entertainment network now attracts Machinima 166m unique visitors per month, which are the 1.4 billion videos viewed in February 2012. Aimed primarily at 13 to 34 years, men who see their videos on YouTube, its scope is now leading pure partnerships with the world of traditional television.

president and co-founder Philip Debevoise statistics presented in an interview on stage at the Cannes conference MIPCube, explaining how Machinima has evolved from a site focused on the original animations created with Games like Halo and Call of Duty, to his role as funding today show the action live in the genres of science fiction, comedy and horror.


Machinima public in North America, 40% and 10% in Europe in the world. Over 4000 producers are making the content of your network.

"We create new stars in the network," said DeBevoise. "Our stars and our network come from the audience, there is therefore no credibility we have as the voice of this generation and the community is very real."

No wonder the U.S. television companies were getting involved. AMC produced a web series called Torn Apart digital shorts to promote the Walking Dead series, which generated 6 million views on Machinima on a couple of weeks, according DeBevoise.

YouTube remains a key factor in the field of Machinima -. He was one of the oldest members of the chain for video service from Google, and remains its editor, not the most popular music

"I really do not think that would really generate forcing an audience to go to a specific destination as a dot-com," said DeBevoise, who also praised fund 100 billion for YouTube support companies and producers who make original content for the service.

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a motion by EA to reject a lawsuit brought against it by 6000 NFL players have failed to retire, reports Gamasutra. As you might recall, players who sued said their pictures were used in
Madden 09 without permission or compensation. While the players' names and numbers have changed, population statistics and identification were left unchanged.

Instead of arguing that in fact


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iPhone Cave are always high quality to the point that it's a bit worrying to see the madness that is true for the small screen of your phone. They are also populated - and until then, here's news




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