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How long series dominated by machismo kills a stranger's hand flashes a little different.

for a series that allows you to take people by the neck and hit the door off its hinges with steel hands, there is something strangely vulnerable in Crysis 3. Of course, in many respects, it is the same science fiction first-person shooter I've seen in previous installments - into the part where the enemies are collected by the neck and throw them off cliffs buildings or buildings sitting atop high cliffs. But there is this other side of Crysis 3, which has not been explored in previous games, the side where all the machismo away for a minute or two and you have to watch the game setting and the main characters of a light totally different.

Remember Psycho? The cockney accent and a penchant for British vulgarities? Psycho is one of supersoldiers nanosuited the original Crysis, and continued expansion of the Star solo, Crysis Warhead. Psycho comes as another player Crysis 3, but it is a different man now.

is not equipped with a nanosuit, Psycho is now in a sort of network of underground resistance fighting against security forces responsible for private cell to erect a huge dome city of New York after the events of the last game. Dressed in civilian clothes and looking a little plump, Psycho is a bit shy and shell shock after what happened in the past. It feels like a veteran of the fight post-traumatic simply never came home from the war. Always fight.

In one memorable scene, Psycho and the Prophet (protagonist of Crysis 3) approaching a door leading to a subway line high. Psycho attempts to break the door, but only ends up hurting himself and falls to the ground. It is then up to you, the player, to finish the job as Psycho look what can only be described as abject shame.

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Kindle now at GameStop, includes $25 Amazon card

Amazon Kindle Fire
, which uses the Android operating system is now available through GameStop in the United States. The retail game will have the
Kindle Fire 7 "$ 199.99 in" all GameStop stores 4400 "in the United States.'s Kindle Fire HD 8.9" and Kindle Fire 7 ", which costs $ 299.99 and $ 159.99, respectively, are available in some stores.
among business customers and old video games and other devices with the purchase of new products, like the Kindle Fire, we make it easier than ever for customers to get the Christmas they want, " said
Joe Gorman, vice president of mobile at GameStop


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You can buy those DOA 5 swimsuits now


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What happened in the video game industry in the last week. .. Click here to read This Week in the Business: 'Xbox is the One Console Actually Defying Gravity.'
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Wii U games preordered from Amazon begin shipping
Well then, we have good news and bad news for people who pre-ordered their Wii U at Amazon. The good news, as you may have guessed, is that some games make their way into the homes of players, as evidenced by the ultra-cool copy Joystiq reader Jerry Black Ops

, seen above. Technically, this game is not supposed to be until Tuesday, and it is for consoles

Joystiq New
bad, unfortunately, is that the current Wii U itself is enclosed in a distribution center Amazon somewhere until November 18. So while it's great that your game arrived before anyone has a chance to buy in stores, not much you can really

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behavior may seem static light and without interest (which is clear and fast

we get ), but it is actually an incredible amount of science will generally not familiar in our lives normal.

a slower speed of Light , new open source game for PC and Mac OSX MIT Game Lab, explores the behavior most interesting and complex of light in a "game engine relativistic." While players collect items, the speed of light slows down and players are able to experience such phenomena as the Doppler effect, time dilation and Lorentz transformation, among others.

Although open source aspects of the project are not yet available, the plan is to run the Unity3D game engine as base Joystiq

sometime in 2013. currently, the game itself can be downloaded here.

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Indie developers are the starving artists of the video game world, often brilliant and innovative, but also misunderstood, backgrounds and more prone to writing free-form poetry on their LiveJournals. We love it. This week

Skulls of the Shogun
Jake Kazdal The Joystiq Indie Pitch Skulls of the Shogun designer discusses the development of a game for four platforms at once, and what happened to this "in Beginning with Windows 8 "promise.

What's your game called and what is it?


is an arcade game for XBLA strategy, Windows Phone , Windows 8 and Windows RT (surface) very soon. This is an original title developed by a small team of highly experienced developers AAA in 3.5 years. This is a mash-up of tactical turn-based strategy, with a feeling that is very arcade-like and full of action. No network, only a few turns menus and agile and quick to give you a totally unique aesthetic and charming, easy for players of adaptation, but with all the depth of a strategy needs good games lovers.

Why Microsoft chose to go it alone? Is there a chance Skulls of the Shogun
launch via Steam or elsewhere?

group Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade is full of old friends and colleagues from my past in this industry are close, so that we can compress there for lunch and meetings, and have my favorite gaming console with a phone Joystiq


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Click here to read It's Gameloft's $.99 Thanksgiving Saletacular

from today until Thanksgiving weekend, Gameloft is the actualization of a handful of titles $ 6.99 on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire at $ 99, which gives us something to do while camping on the black Friday sale. Read more »

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'Fighters of Capcom' trademarked by Capcom
Whoa , hey, listen - to the knife. Look, we know you just had a terrifying
Capcom Fighting Jam
flashback, but all will be well. We have no idea if registered trademark of Capcom recently "Capcom Fighters" a

Joystiq nothing

to see a fighting game. It could easily be the name of fighting for Western GREE card thing for cell phones in particular
All Stars Capcom

Grand Theft Auto Vice City on iOS and Android on Dec 6

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City 10th anniversary comes to Android and iOS 6 December $ 5 devices both digital stores.
the 10th complete edition includes
Vice City

game with high resolution graphics, updated models and characters targeting lighting, cooking and more accurate and fully customizable control system, all with native support for Retina Display. Back in October, we heard Vice City

affect mobile devices this fall, following in the footsteps of Joystiq

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Persona 4 Arena now beating up Xbox Live Games on Demand

Atlus and Arc System Works'

Persona 4 Arena now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand for $ 60 a set, which is $ 20 more than the cost of the physical version on Amazon.

So if you are wanting to get hella deep in the maze of interpersonal struggles lookalike TV, you need to ask yourself if you said you prefer the experience immediately, or if you prefer the $ 20 difference in the colors DLC costumes and adorable glasses. The choice is yours to make, just know that it is very bookish Chie fly in their frames.


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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
is the case
weekend Steam masochistic experience cut by 33 percent, to $ 26.79. Can be used for bargains steam prices fall deeper game, but consider worth the price of a taste of things to come.

Franchise dealer million earned a place in our top ten Joystiq for 2011 will experience Stockholm syndrome year.

Gallery: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)


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