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Rage gameplay trailer enters the Gearhead Vault screenshot

Identification can be done by pressing your videos between the racks, but that does not mean that the

Happy 59th birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto! screenshot

On this day 59 years ago, one of the most influential men in the game was born. How appropriate that the father of Mario and Link is celebrating its birth in the

week! Happy Birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto! Celebrate with some tribute videos, starting with an incredibly awkward-Squid "The Legend of Miyamoto" above

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Rainbow 6: Patriots "alt =" Click here to read tactics, team work and difficult decisions in Rainbow 6: patriots

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After our last look at the indie gem


no excuse not to have this game on your radar. Quick, check your radar. It is there, right? That's what I think. Here is a eight-minute video depicting the most characteristic of the game. And a lot of jumping through the windows.



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Sega announces fall

pack Samurai entire contents of the arrival of the West, the Japanese civil war.

Total War: Shogun 2, the last of the franchise of Creative Assembly's strategy for the long term, launched earlier this year and moved 600,000 copies after only a few weeks on the shelves. The basic game has already received a campaign to download, and Sega has a content pack even more on the road.

as they rise, so do drop Samurai.
Sega announced today that a new stand-alone extension for Total War: Shogun 2 coming in March called the fall of the samurai. Set during the last shogunate in Japan in the nineteenth century, the expansion pack takes place 400 years after Shogun 2, and Samurai of Japan introduced modern weapons from America, Britain and France. drop Samurai introduces six new playable clans in the middle of a civil war between the imperial throne and the last shogunate. Expansion is also set to introduce new features, including the battle mechanics of siege, and the unit new interaction between land and sea and a multiplayer called "Multiplayer 2.0". Price the fall of the samurai were not announced. Total War: Shogun 2 above is not independent of the expansion campaign, Rise of the Samurai, began at $ 10. for Total War: Shogun 2, see GameSpot's review. [video]

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PopCap was ordered to pay casual developer MumboJumbo playmates $ 7.3 million in damages last year, the judicial complaint PopCap guilty of fraud, tortious interference and breach of contract. With both parties appealed the verdict and the case in hand, MumboJumbo has released a new motion to ensure that compensates for the rumors of acquisition or IPO PopCap come true. Martin Rose, Rose lawyers MumboJumbo Walker, said: "[PopCap] has the responsibility to pay their debts just want to make every effort to ensure that the jury and the court requested that performs a function of conditions the sale .. reported, it can not be left in the property of PopCap to respond to any statement. "

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If you are looking to see if


EA Sports has developed Lionel Messi to be the face of their franchise FIFA sets first appear on the cover of
FIFA Street
at began in March 2012

Messi plays for Barcelona, ??has 24 years, was recruited out of Argentina at the age of 16 years and scored over 200 goals in his professional career. - Who is a kind of super-heroes of football, which makes your photo (left) on the cover of Joystiq
FIFA Street

disappointing poor. Especially when it comes to a choice.

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Ubisoft sent an email asking players
Call of Juarez: The Cartel
    a rate specific parts of the game, regardless of whether the answers to all the added "This game is suxorz" suggesting that a sequel is already underway. The survey asks players who have the console, Call of Juarez is your favorite, how would you rate
  • The Cartel
  • graphics
  • 's, deleted scenes and "be part of a team, but with my own interests come first, "among other issues.
  • Ubisoft asks you which of the following (oddly specific) aspects of the players that we want a new title called Juarez:
  • prohibit hunting in the Rocky Mountains
defense attacked a farm pistolleros Mexico

Prevention Joystiq bank robbery

rescue of an innocent man about to be hanged

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E3 2011 is over a week ago. We had a little time to recuperate and think back to games in the series, with our selections no doubt

eclectic this year.

Joystiq What is
play everyone?


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Max interviews James Ohlen and Gabe Amatangelo for SW:TOR screenshot

Max talk begins with some basic overview

Star Wars: The Old Republic with James Ohlen. All in all, The Old Republic

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Electronic Arts announced that the popular game of 1993 Union cyberpunk is to get a remake. This time, instead of a tactical action game that will be a shooter first-person co-op play is expected. The Guardian Games Blog summarizes the new Union will need to succeed: "The biggest challenge will be to reproduce the brilliant story Bullfrog good eye for detail cyberpunk original titles have been as fascinating for its lack of morality - the players were not. rewarded or penalized for shooting civilians or the destruction of vast areas of real estate, reflecting the major issues of urban nihilism and social degradation. aficionados will certainly not be appeased by a wave shot in the near future with some mini-games hacking hackneyed launched in cyber-powers. "

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Click here to read Liveblogging Whatever Smart Stuff Gabe Newell Has to Say Today

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Ni no Kuni

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Gamer cheap ass gets the scoop in the early Amazon Black Friday deals, so you will not be out of Amazon during the night without knowing what you are on the line. (We can not have the best understanding of how Amazon). Sometimes lightning limited supply available this Friday include Creed Assassin
for $ 35, and
Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, Killzone 3

, and Joystiq Madden NFL 12

for $ 28. So basically the same games as other retailers $ 28. It vaguely suspicious.

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Catalina the game can be described as a weak


romantic, enter SIM nightmare Joystiq
, heads to Europe in February 2012. Deep Silver is responsible for the curious charge Atlus' there, and announced the launch window today with coverage of two-sided copies of the first edition.

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piracy cost makes the PC version is uncertain Stanislas Will creative director still working on the viability of the port.

The next action title I Am Alive could be headed to XBLA and PSN, but a PC version of the game has not yet been announced. The reason for this, as creative director of the game, Stanislas will IncGamers is that the PC version is still uncertain.

PC port

Am Alive I can not see the light of day.

Before a recent update of this article, said he was aware of Will PC players voice with respect to any statement on the PC version of the game

"We heard loud and clear that PC gamers complain about the lack of a version of them," said Will in the original article. "But these people are simply making noise because there is no version or it's a game you really want to play? Do you want to buy it if it did? "


also said he believes it is difficult to port games to the PC platform for piracy, after weighing the cost of purchase against the cost of doing so.

"Maybe only 12 boys will have three months for the PC game port, there is a huge expense, but it's always a cost. If only 50,000 people bought the game and then not bother . "


later sent to IncGamers, saying he was "misunderstood" in relation to their position in the PC version of the game and PC games as a whole. The email reads as follows:

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ChuChu Rocket

, one of the most puzzle games around frantic (and a true classic) is now available for Android. The game has players guide their adorable mouse (ChuChus), which removes the evil cats (Kapukapus) and the exhaust of the rocket at hand. Go ahead and read that last sentence again, I promise it's okay. Joystiq

You can get the game now for Android Market for $ 0.99. Unfortunately, if you are looking for games for his fantasy Kindle new fire, the game does not seem to be in the Amazon Android AppStore. Of course, always available to IOS ($ 2.99), if that is your

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NBA 2K12. More »
NBA 2K12

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Now do not think many of you to be satisfied, especially if you are not British, but the vertigo The egg is BACK

Codemasters mascot old (before the study was a little trash), Dizzy was involved in a series of tax puzzle adventure on the Commodore 64 computer and other computers home, most of of them is the use of the twisted logic of random elements used with other objects and obstacles.

A teaser site promises Eggciting News and Codemasters said that the date of the "Day Eggmergance" will be released tomorrow. Oh, the egg puns. It's like the end of the year has continued to occur.

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The Test Drive

series will continue next year with a driving game driven Ferrari. Publisher Bigben Interactive has announced the acquisition of distribution rights Test Drive
. Ferrari
, to be released in Europe on March 20th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Eurogamer speculated that this game is a project

Need for Speed: Shift Joystiq
developer Slightly Mad Studios, the development time. Badner NeoGAF user seems to have some inside information, but did not comment on that information. However, he agreed with the above picture, and what appears to be animated GIFs from a trailer, you can see through the wire

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Telltale Engineering
Core Group is responsible for the development of libraries of low and medium enterprises and the tools used by the development system Telltale cross-platform for downloadable games, the "â ? ¢ Tools Telltale. "¢ Â ? Â Telltale Telltale Tools is used by artists, designers and programmers Lua create incredible wealth of content for the Xbox, PS3, Wii, iOS, PC, Mac and Android. The group of basic engineering creates real "author once, run anywhere ¢ Â ? Â technology.

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