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Fear not, anti-microtransactionite, as the game is free due to ads, not because you'll be charged $1 for the ability to use straight pieces. And hey, Dwight won't be able to laugh in your face anymore, so there's that ... unless he's also a


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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Wait for multiplayer? It 's true! The 3DS update to the classic franchise includes a multiplayer mode that takes the bottom parts of the single-player game and turns it into a competitive sport.

Gallery: Kid Icarus: Uprising (E3 2011)

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Now, Microsoft is touting how its efforts to make the Xbox 360 more than just another console have paid off. According to a blog post by corporate vice president of corporate communications Frank Shaw, some 40 percent of all Xbox activity is not related to gaming. The top non-game use for the console appears to be video, with an average of 30 hours of "video consumption" per month by each Xbox 360 user.

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Brutal Legend 2wasn 't happen. "Goes with anything else, Double Fine to look for bargains for the best four Amnesia Fortnight prototypes.

"The thing I like about it is that we had a catastrophic event and the company saved itself purely on the creativity of the team. Lee [Petty, who is responsible for Stacking ], Tasha [Harris, who came with Costume Quest


Please do not miss Skulls of the Shogun screenshot

is too great of a game to miss. 

Haunted House Temple Studios 'founder Jake Kazdal told us that he, the classic tactical strategy games that came from Japan, prays, but he knew he wanted to freshen up the genre a little. I was quickly on his side when he convinced me cred with some serious gaming, and plays on both sides of the vocational. Any guy who loved Shining Force and helped make Space Channel 5 and Rez

I played a round with Wesley and we both enjoyed it so much that I didn't want to leave for my next appointment. I ignored calls from my boss. I blew off some urgent texts. Really! It really only takes about two rounds of play before you really get into it, and then you're

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Hearing that they're making a


This weekend on JTV: July 2-3rd screenshot

Destructoid 's Justin.tv channel is bound to bring many great games-related entertainment during the weekends. Discuss games from the creek, she in a talk-show format, we bring a broad spectrum of entertainment with a unique taste Dtoid.

Happy Independence Day weekend! Unless you are American, chances are you will spend the weekend getting ready for a wonderful Fourth of July. In between going to the store to buy the burgers and fireworks, make sure to put in some of our programming as below tune!

Saturday Morning Hangover with Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore Airs 10.00 bis 12.00 clock Pacific. She will be there, a light on - and giving away copies - Galaga Legions DX ! You 'll play Half Minute Hero and, as usual, \, check out the week's best and worst of Xbox Live indie games released.

Destructoid is 321gocast 's only live show / podcast hybrid airing on Sunday, from 2.00 bis 16.00 clock Viral Pacific with Johnny, Jesse Cortez, analogs and Ryu89. Each week they bring the live audience as well as podcast listeners in their discussions on video games, Doctor Who , Jersey Shore and that's what makes Harry so angry. The special guest this week is Philanth0phy!

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have enjoyed this week probably codes for the OnLive version of the game in the box (unless they bought those copies of GameStop) found. But you can 't play the same save file between the PC and OnLive versions, so that the offer a cool novelty rather than something immediately useful for the players.

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman told Joystiq that this offer, the "first of many," is only a tentative step of OnLive. "You can imagine how Cloud game meets physical media 1.0," he said. "This first version doesn 't have cross-pollination between your local PC and the cloud."

The main problem preventing that this is being done now - to prevent, say, OnLive Cloud savings for the retail game - might surprise you: Mods. Perlman said that since OnLive uses slightly different versions of the game, as the retail PC, if any change is done at the grassroots game, it could cause compatibility issues between versions. Cloud-saving OnLive "can be done," he said. "It requires more thought than printing a code." He reiterated that OnLive is to do that, but "that 'll probably like 2.0 \."

OnLive is not only planning to solve this question, but allow for the mods in the streaming versions of games. "I think if everyone wants to multiplayer, where each do to auto-aim, that 's good, but you don' t too, want to mix games, you know?" He describes the creation of spaces where people , can choose to play with mods.

"This is all work that was done many months ago," Perlman notes necessary to the package management in code, slyly contrasting the lead time for a retail product with OnLive 's instant-on nature. He then laughed. "Oh, my god!"


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But then again, that's what a beta's for, right? No word on how long the beta will last, but given that it was supposed to start even earlier this spring, you can guess it'll probably be around as long as it needs to be.

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"There's a game out there that's better than both [] OriginsDA Team can 't it' BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw was one recently in response to a fan on his company 's forums. He was in an ongoing conversation over the last few days in a subject thread titled committed " Dragon Age 2 Reception and community discussion, sounded "where fans turned off and a handful of BioWare reps responded to the criticism of the divisive criticism Dragon Age 2



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