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Live Show: An insanely twisted Saturday Morning Hangover screenshot

[Tune in to Saturday Morning Hangover Every Saturday at 10 clock Pacific for the latest Xbox Live Indie Games, co-op and various hijinks. Hosted by Conrad Zimmerman, Jordan Devore and the lovely Katrina. We have a couch! Visit us on live Destructoid 's Channel Twitch.tv !]

We have lined up a killer program for you today. We 're going by Joe Olson of fuel cell and artist Michel Gagn? games are connected, to talk about their new game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Next Week on Xbox Live Arcade. This is one of the most anticipated Summer of Arcade titles for a lot of people, so now would be a good time to scope it can be done.

And, as always, we'll be playing through the week's Xbox Live Indie Games demos. Oh, and did I mention the ten codes for Call of Duty: World at War "Annihilation DLC" that we give 'll away? It 's an action-packed program that you' re not want to miss and it 's all over now down to Destructoid' s Channel Twitch.tv!


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Rock Star raises the bar with its Grand Theft Auto series, and Red Dead Redemption, defining a new era of expansive open-world adventure. With LA Noire, inspired by Raymond Chandler and LA Confidential, she has done it again. The title was the first game as an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival will be honored. It even ripped a book of short stories - which never happened to Jet Set Willy.

Born in London but based in New York, co-founder of Rockstar Games (they wanted to be in a band, hence the name) were the first global superstar of the Games. Unlike real rock stars, but they tend to shun the media spotlight.

Critics said the success of games such as LA Noire showed mainstream Hollywood was to underestimate their audience. Gaming revenues already dwarf box office receipts in the UK and the USA. But as far as the convergence between the two industries will go to?

"There is growing convergence of talent to a more interesting games creative medium, that a greater number and diversity of Hollywood talent will continue to require," said Dan Houser. "We work hard to the debate about whether games are art to be avoided, as it is, everybody wants to win too much time on their hands."

Evo day 2: Spanks yer face screenshot

PR Balrog


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New Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay teased


Day 2 Highlights

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mikejuk writes "Is Avatar Kinect a world-changing innovation or is it just stupid? The idea is simple enough. It uses Kinect on body posture and facial expressions and assigns them in real time on an avatar on the screen determine, together with. like avatars, the large question is: what is it good for the simple answer is that you hiding behind your avatar, it is an opportunity for all, which is less than confident about her appearance to be a performer feels - one running Microsoft booth?.. -up-comedian-via-avatar competition, eg, the Internet is already an anonymous platform where users can express themselves can be made available, and Avatar Kinect extends this, maybe around the face and body expressions, this is how video phone calls to finally catch on -.. I call 'll contact you with my avatar "

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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From Dust casts players as a supernatural force looking out for indigenous tribes in a seeming paradise beset by natural disasters. By transporting land, water, vegetation, and lava around tropical environs, players can open up new pathways for villagers and protect them from earthquakes and other calamities. The various threats in the game can also be turned to the players' advantage; for example, a well-placed tsunami could extinguish wildfires rather than sweep away villages.

For more on From Dust, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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B. A shoulder bag size specifically for vinyl records
C. A modded Game Boy / Game Boy Color / etc for the creation of music
D. The freshest styles and movements that come directly from Planet Funketron

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, and also share my love of precision platforming in video games such as and .


The game offered three levels of in-app purchase: $ 0.99, $ 4.99 and $ 29.99. The 99-cent option for approximately half the in-game transactions, but only 9% of sales, while the animal was $ 4.99 a share from 42% in both transactions and sales.

The whales splashing out $ 29.99 each made an in-app purchasing only 8% of transactions, but 49% of sales. NimbleBit fed the whales and prospered, in other words.

This data is highly important for the mobile games industry, particularly on iOS, where freemium games are riding high in the App Store charts.

As of this writing, 11 of the 20 top-grossing iPhone games in the App Store UK Freemium title. Free-to-play games Zoo Tap, Tiny Tower (NimbleBit other titles), Tap Pet Hotel, Happy Park, Texas Holdem poker and Smurfs 'Village have earned more money than any Angry Birds. In the U.S., the trend is even more advanced: 15 of the 20 top-grossing iPhone games are freemium.

Back to Flurry, who has previously claimed that in June 2011, 65% of revenues from the 100 top-grossing games in the U.S. App Store Freemium titles were compared to 38% in January 2011. It also suggests in her new blog entry that only "about 3% of consumers 'money within freemium games on the phone.

Games-industry consultant Nicholas Lovell of Games wrote a letter revealing blog post about whales in August 2010, suggesting that the current borders of the physical content distribution company encourages all consumers to be treated equally, with fixed price points.

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Teaser for Blizzard 's second installment in RTS trilogy comes to video sharing sites, presentation ghost attack on Kerrigan.

Blizzarrd Entertainment was having a rough time measurement of the second video installment of Starcraft II in his series under his hat. Late last year, which is supposed to be an in-development CG cinematic allegedly tainted Heart of the Swarm 's End. Now, a second leak in the Heart of the Swarm Internet outside of Blizzard 's usual channels achieved, although this one falls directly into the PhD column.

Blizzard 's captured Kerrigan latest leak in the middle of an embarrassing moment.

The leaked teaser begins with what appears to be a team of ghosts infiltrate a secure connection. The spirits make short work of a security entourage, before the group 's leading questions of anticipation command: "Find Kerrigan \." Your statement is of course in relation to the Zerg faction 's leaders, Sarah Kerrigan, who once was a ghost even before they set up and absorbed by the flock as their queen.

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New Destructoid Episode: Battlefield Reefer Madness Leak! screenshot

more videos like this

Happy Friday, Destructoid readers! Before you head out to your local pub or a sports event, why not make up for about 13 minutes and 27 seconds from your first days, some video-game news?

First up on tonight 's result, we' ve got some very important messages about Skyrim'S menu system. I 'm sure you' ve all been waiting with bated breath for that one. I 've also got the court to the specifications you' ll have to play Battlefield 3and his new class system, along with some much-awaited details on upcoming Planetside 2 . I close today 's sequence with a short history

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Pricing and release dates are still unconfirmed for all the products, but all of the items should be available in time for the holidays.


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Gallery: BioShock Infinite (E3 2011)


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Digital entertainment media company size, which specializes in PC games on demand, has launched a service called Android GameTanium. The service will give users unlimited access to 75 games to start for a fixed monthly fee of $ 4.99. Promises to add extensive games every week, with the aim to reach 200 by the end of the year. Current games are Treasures Of Montezuma, Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer and Parachute Panic. "There are many markets for Android, right now, it could be a hundred different markets Android \ to the end of this year," says Rick head circumference and Mobile Content Marazzani. . "But app discovery is extremely demanding on the Android Market right now, and more so the more popular it is monetization, as a result can be tough: Android had a lot of problems monetizing content Our business model is very different, it '. s eating an all-you-can-subscription, with trophies for games like Spotify and the integration of the different payment models ".
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Dark Souls screens coax sperm out of my jolly erection screenshot

I'm suddenly dizzy for over excited and scared Dark Souls . I can not wait to get into another beautifully bleak world and strained the limits of my patience. However, I also know this game is going to overtake my life and send me into a spiral of obsession and fear for several weeks.

Let's not worry about how the game will ruin lives (in a good way) though! Let's look at this sexy new screens. These shots in particular are focused on showing off the game's multiplayer component, which should prove just as fascinating as the one found in Demon 's Souls .

Now, let us all look at this game and masturbate our tumescent staff until we cum away. What is the way we look forward to all games.

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