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05/11/2010 Learn about Backbreaker's running game in this tutorial

Learn about Backbreaker's running game in this tutorial screenshot

Backbreaker, the long-awaited football game from NaturalMotion, is almost here. Set for release on June 1st, it's promising a completely physics-based game experience unlike anything you've ever seen before in a football videogame. It also has an accessible control scheme that most longtime football gamers won't be familiar with, so NaturalMotion has put out this tutorial for the running game in Backbreaker .

Madden -- might this easy-to-understand control scheme be up your alley?

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06/25/2010 APB To Use In-Game Audio Advertisements Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that upcoming action MMOG APB: All Points Bulletin will use in-game audio advertisements as part of its business model. The number of ads you hear will be limited: "you'll only hear an ad when you go into a new zone, and that's only once every three hours." Nevertheless, some gamers are upset that these ads will be included on top of APB's already unusual payment plans. The game is set for release next Tuesday. Producer Jesse Knapp says of Realtime Worlds' goals for APB, "We looked at other online action games, and we saw things we felt could be better. Only 12 to 32 players in a match, bad connection due to peer-to-peer, dead cities, way too much time in lobbies, things like that. So what we set out to do was to make a game that has that online player vs. player action game experience in a large city with other players around, no lobbies, dynamic matchmaking, dedicated servers, great experience, and that's been one of the driving factors of APB from the very beginning." CVG recently previewed the game.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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06/24/2010 Turning A Movie Into An Actual Game [Movies]
Click here to read Turning A Movie Into An Actual Game
If you want to make a game based on Transformers, you make a video game. It 's obvious. But if you want to do a game based on Gene Hackman '1974 film "talk", you have to think a little harder. More

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06/26/2010 Tron Happened To These Game Controllers [Peripherals]
Click here to read Tron Happened To These Game Controllers
These official Tron video game controllers from Disney will run you $50. The PS3 and Xbox 360 ones are wired. They're scheduled for release alongside the Tron Evolution video game, which is tied to December's Tron: Legacy movie. More ?

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06/24/2010 See The Trailer For Ghibli's PS3 Game [Clips]
Click here to read See The Trailer For Ghibli's PS3 Game
Famed animation company Studio Ghibli is collaborating with Fukoka-based game developer Level-5 on the upcoming Ni no Kuni. It is now coming to the PS3. We've posted screens of the game. Would you like to see it in motion? More ?

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06/20/2010 Trying to bridge Casual-Hardcore games Gap

Read the rest of this article at Slashdot.

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06/24/2010 China adding new restrictions on online games August 1
Though China's online game market continues to exponentially increase in value, the nation's Ministry of Culture plans on slapping another roundrestrictive regulations of IMO and other online titles on 1 August. New rules aimed at protecting minors from "unhealthy" content during the Games, as well as introducing measures which will enable them to succumb to the sweet, sweet siren song online game addiction.

One major rule in the new regulations limits the purchase of in-game goods and services to virtual cash -- a regulation which seems to do away with the microtransaction business model altogether. Moreover, minors aren't permitted to conduct virtual transactions whatsoever. So, when you see that level 80 Mage that's still sporting his starting gear, don't be too confused -- he's probably just 14 years old.

JoystiqChina adding new restrictions on online games August 1 originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 23:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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06/23/2010 UK Govt cancels plans for video games tax breaks
TIGA's years-long campaign to bring tax relief to the UK video game industry has come to a rather disappointing conclusion. Chancellor George Osbourne (pictured above) revealed the nation's budget plans earlier today during a speech at Westminster, announcing that "planned tax relief for the video games industry will be canceled." According to TIGA CEO Richard Wilson, this surprising omission flies in the face of "pre-election pledges made by the Conservative Party and by the Liberal Democrats to support and introduce Games Tax Relief."

GamesIndustry.biz points out that Osbourne's proposed budget still benefits smaller, start-up developers in select parts of England, who will receive exemptions for ?5,000 (about $7,400) of National Insurance contributions for each of their first 10 new hires; though this doesn't come close to the sweeping tax reform promised to the UK games industry just a little over a month ago.

[Image credit: Auto Express]

JoystiqUK govt cancels plans for video game tax relief originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 03:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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06/21/2010 Games of the week for E3 2010: Everyone's tired edition

Games of the week for E3 2010: Everyone's tired edition screenshot

As you likely know, Jim usually does this. But he's wiped from E3. Everyone is, actually. No one's in a mood or anything, and we feel pretty good about our coverage, but today is definitely a down day. We need a down day, company wide.

I didn't do sh*t today. I ate a huge brunch, took some pictures, pulled weeds out of my flowerbeds, watched television and played some Wii. No writing or work or anything. Because of this, I felt that the least I could do is post this Games of the week item. I'm totally not doing anything after this either.

Speaking of taking pictures, I felt this image of my corgi sleeping was appropriate for the day.

Hit the jump to see an example of our enthusiasm today.

Razak: Mario Galaxy and Joe threat for consideration. I m digging ' Joe Danger much more than I thought I would, gotta finish it up though. Only one more star to go in Galaxy.

Devore: A tiny bit of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and a dash of Banjo-Tooie since it was on sale for Xbox LIVE Arcade (really good port).

Tolentino:I was going to play in a heap Alpha Protocol and finish Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Awakening this week, but instead I ended up playing Metal Gear Peace Walker, God of War 3, Far Cry 2, and Assassin's Creed 2. Surprisingly, but not discouraged.

Chester:Too many games to mention E3 this week. Check out our coverage - I touched just about every game we went, and then some. The remaining part of 2010 and that from 'to come in 2011 will be a great time for gamers.

Sterling: I played E3. It was a challenging game.

Holmes: Spent more time shooting video and fighting with crappy internet than doing anything else last week, even playing videogames. Played Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker on the plane, almost ready to play, although I have heard that 's more to it after the credits roll.

Sarkar: Because I didn't want to go near videogames during the day (after writing about them all day, every day this week), the only games I played were Rock Band 2and The Beatles: Rock Band at Dtoider Nintendoll's birthday party last night. Good times!

Lingen: I've played a bunch of games, but they all seemed to be overshadowed with the 3DS, which I know technically counts as hardware, but it was quite the experience, and as such must be included. Other than that, we spent a majority of the time re-playing Half Life and Half Life 2  in hopes there would be some sort of announcement, but alas there wasn't. And to round it off I'll be downloading the Medal of Honor beta soon, so expect to finally see me on the PSN!

North:I do not play shit i '. No, really.

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05/17/2010 Week In Games: Better Red [Twig]
Click here to read Week In Games: Better Red
May get serious with its top line video game releases, including Red Dead Redemption (pictured), Alan Wake, a new Prince of Persia and one of the Nintendo DSi's most interesting puzzle games. More ?

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06/19/2010 Report: Metal Gear Creator Has 'Massive' PS3 Exclusive Game In The Works [E3]
Click here to read Report: Metal Gear Creator Has 'Massive' PS3 Exclusive Game In The Works
Hideo Kojima was at E3 this week to show off his team's latest project, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but a report from CVG says the game developer has a "massive PS3 exclusive" to unveil at Tokyo Game Show. More ?

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05/20/2010 What Game Devs Should Learn From EVE An anonymous reader passes along this excerpt from Gamesradar about EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management (CSM), a group of elected player representatives that serve to facilitate communications between the developers and the community: "On the last day, the devs announced that after the earlier discussions about improving the CSM's ability to effect change, the CSM was being raised to the status of its own department within CCP. This is revolutionary; in one swift move, the CSM went from what could be considered a glorified focus group to what CCP considers to be a 'stakeholder' in the company, given equal consideration with every other department in requesting development time for a project. That means the CSM — and the entire playerbase it represents — has as much influence on development projects as Marketing, Accounting, Publicity and all the other teams outside of the development team. This is, of course, the stated intention. But has any developer gone to such lengths for its fans?"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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06/17/2010 Rumor: 3DS Allows Game Installs? [Rumor]
Click here to read Rumor: 3DS Allows Game Installs?
This feature sa 'and t Wasn' is revealed during the public opening of the Nintendo 3DS, but Japan's business daily Nikkei reported that the new portable will allow users to install games on the internal memory. More

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