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05/30/2010 Weekend Destructainment: Game Genie scam

Weekend Destructainment: Game Genie cheaters screenshot

[ Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos from across the web to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekend. ]

The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: The website is under maintenance. The website has a programming error. What you can try: Refresh the page. Go back to the previous page. More information This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.Duck Hunt her rough. They should do what their dog's owner said to them, and it only gets worse when the player cheater. Poor, poor ducks.

After the break, tune chiptune, member of the community. Then he 's first scene of Fire Emblem OAV. This is followed by Super Mario orchestra performing Super Mario Galaxy 2 theme. Then he JAAAASOOONNN '!

Next, Brad Knight makes some D and D impressions. Then cover with a huge theme Guile '. Destructainment given some epic Halo: Reach moments.

Dtoider Kaggen made a chiptune song!

Fire Emblem
OAV Episode 1. Spotted on TinyCartridge .

Super Mario orchestra performing Super Mario Galaxy 2 theme. Spotted on GoNintendo

Press X to Jason.

Brad Knight makes impression D and D monsters. Thank you. TIFF!

Awesome cover of the music stage Guile 'Chris community members.

Some epic moments Halo: Reach beta.

Android Game

[[[Android Pro 2]]]


Age of Web 2.0 smart mobile phones and phones here. First there was the BlackBerry, then there was the iPhone, and now Theres Google with its Android Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), and the platform and its hardware partners in the Open Handset Alliance. Works with Android HTC G1 and G2 phone Droid, and the Nexus One. Android is also available on other mobile phones and devices, including netbooks.

Android Pro 2 will show you how to build a realistic and fun mobile applications using Googles Android SDK. This book covers everything from the basics of creating applications for embedded devices, advanced concepts, such as custom 3D components.

  • The new design and architecture of Android SDK, and how to build mobile applications using Android SDK.
  • The study and use Android API, including the media and the Wi-Fi.
  • Learn more about Android 2.0s integrated local and web search, handwriting gesture UI, Google Translate and convert text to speech features.

With Android, and this book, you will have the opportunity to build mobile applications ranging from games Google Apps, including additions to Google. You'll have the opportunity to expand and launch new API for Google Chrome on the G1, G2, as well as other next-generation phones Google Android-devices.

What you will learn

  • How to use Android for creating Java-based mobile applications for Google phone with touch screen or keyboard (thanks to the inclusion Cupcakes at the Android 1.5)
  • How to design and architect using Googles Android SDK
  • How to use the Android SDK, to write mobile applications for embedded devices
  • How to create a 3D-graphics with OpenGL and custom components
  • How to build a multimedia and gaming applications using API, Androids Media and OpenGL
  • How to use Androids location-based services, networks (Wi-Fi API), and security
  • How to create and provide more comprehensive local and web search
  • How to build a hand gesture interfaces
  • How do I turn Google Translate into your Android applications

What is this book?

This book is designed for professional software engineers / programmers are thinking about moving their ideas and applications in the mobile space with Android. It is assumed that readers have a satisfactory understanding of Java, including the ability to write classes and handle basic inheritance structures. This book is also aimed at amateurs.

More review here

I was looking for a book on Android, and I'm so glad I found this. This book has everything I need to know. Next time you are looking for a book Android (and I know Java), this one is certainly worth investigating.

In my opinion, one of the drawbacks of Google Android documentation is that it does not emit associated components of the operating system Android. Android Pro 2 delivers those high bonds and thus provides a real depth in different parts of the API.

I found the lighting platform Android, in the context of the evolution of computers, be particularly insightful and interesting. And they quickly transition to an in-depth explanation of what you need to build real applications.

Head of studying the structure of Android application demonstrates how the various assets associated with the development of real-time. The chapters describing the OOB widgets, menu and layout are both very complete and easy to understand.

I was particularly pleased to read the sections on more advanced topics, including OpenGL, 2D animation, and even WebKit / titanium hybrid development.

Outstanding book!

More Pro 2 Android

[[[Magical Android 2 Personalized Custom Playmat - Free Shipping Worldwide]]]


More review here

Learn Magic Android 2 Personalized Custom Playmat - Free Worldwide Shipping

05/19/2010 From Total War to "Casual Games Sports" [Update] [Sega]
Click here to read From Total War To "Casual Sports Games" [Update]
Creative Assembly, known as the studio of the war in a series of PC strategy games, will soon be put into the history books, and taking what seems to be a pair of football boots and a. .. table. More

Android Game
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05/01/2010 Left 4 Dead 2 starts Bleed 'Out,' Adds Game Changing Vote [Valve]
Click here to read Left 4 Dead 2 Kicks Off 'Bleed Out,' Adds Game Changing Vote
This weekend, everything going even harder for the poor survivors Left 4 Dead, 2 through the game 's recent changes to the rules "mutation." And one mutation up to a permanent, rather than weekly, the assertion. More

Android Game
05/29/2010 Prince of Persia: LEGO movie looks like a game To Me [Clips]
Click here to read Prince Of Persia: LEGO Movie Looks Like A Game To Me
Along with the film 's release , LEGO launched lose this short animated film, which recreates the basic plot of the film with minifigs. It 's narrated by the star Jake Gylenhaal. More

Android Game
05/25/2010 Games of the nation: Offline Multiplayer Role-Playing Game [] Park Dream
Click here to read Game Nation: A Massively Multiplayer Offline Role-Playing Game
Games of the nation is preparing to make his live-action role-playing dreams, now explore places around the world 's first' experience of video game theme park and resort. "It seems expensive compulsive to me! More

Android Game

[[[2 Professional Android Application development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)]]]


Build unique mobile applications with the latest Android SDK

Professional Android Application Development 2

  • Reviews Android as a development platform and? Best practices of mobile

  • Provides in-depth look at the Android application components

  • Details of the creation of models and types of production is strong resolution independent user interfaces

  • Consider the intent and content providers to exchange data

  • Provides methods for creating cartographic applications and the use of location-based services, such as GPS

  • It looks at how to create and use a background service, notification and alarm

  • Demonstrates how to create interactive components of the main screen

  • Explores Bluetooth, telephony and network interfaces

  • Examines the use of hardware, including cameras and sensors, such as a compass and accelerometers

wrox.com Software Forums

Join Our Programmer to Programmer forums to ask and answer program questions about this book, join the debate the hottest topics in the industry, as well as connect with other programmers around the world.

Code Downloads

Take advantage of free samples of code from this book, as well as code examples from hundreds of other books, all ready to use.


Find articles, books, samples of the chapters and contents are hundreds of books, and more background material on programming topics that are important to you.

More review here

This book is great - it covers a lot of interesting places in greater depth. The author is clearly fascinated by Android and knows his business, and he 's nice to see that improvement as compared with the first version of the book. I found information on the background of service particularly useful.

Must-have if you 're going to develop on Android.

Android Two fairly new (as of March 2010), so with Android two books on the market, good quality was unexpected. I have not read all the sections, but here are my impressions so far:

Pro 's
- Style by 'is neither boring or interesting, just a point. Most explanations clearly and thoroughly.
- I definitely feel that there is a good resource to complement the online Android documents. There were different theme I 've tried to respond to the use Android documents (and search Google), is not very lucky that this book covers well.
- There are many good topics. Spaces are not spent on reprinting information available on the Internet. Instead, the author regularly refers the reader to the web links.
- And finally, I appreciate a well-edited index.

Con 's
- The book is very weak in the picture department. For example, instead of showing images from the raster NinePatch, the author explains how NinePatch should be built. It's chintzy and inexcusable for a book about the degree of visual technology.
- Sometimes, concepts are introduced without providing context. 'Kinda like when you enter the meeting and the speakers clearly know your stuff, but forget that 90% of others in the room should be brought up to speed before the briefing.
- A few notable omissions. For example, there is no information about the fonts.

I ma 'software engineer with 3 years experience developing applications Windows Mobile.
I need a book that
* In depth - Perhaps one of the most in-depth books available Android.
* Updated - This book is one of the most recent books on Android, covering Android SDK 2.1 R1.
* Lots of code samples in addition to the shortcomings of online Android Developer's Guide.
This book meets all my requirements.

As a careful reader, I found a lot of mistakes, just by reading chapters 3 and 5 alone.
I 've about these errors publisher' s errata page, as well as this book 's forum.
No book is perfect, so the spelling and typographical errors tolerable.
But incorrect or outdated information is not, so I hope that the author can fix
these errors in the next printing.

Despite the presence of a batch of these errors, I still give this book 4 rating because of other qualities,
The author was very interested in resolving these errors.
As well as reading other books, one only needs to be careful when reading, perhaps the best approach
read it together with the online Android Developer's Guide.

More Professional Android Application Development 2 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

05/25/2010 Facebook game content currently on the 7-Eleven products

Facebook game content now on 7-Eleven products screenshot

Most 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. and Canada will include a variety of codes redeemable in products such as Slurpees, in large gulps, and more crap for games, such as Zynga YoVille, Farmville and Mafia Wars . Aha! These games that stole your life force every time you 've opened a Facebook infects delicious dirt you love to consume.

Promotion starts June 1 and runs until July 15. Joystiq reports that people have found these codes in the wild, so you can feed the addiction right now, guys! Hit pause for a full breakdown of what each meal will help you, you consumer whore you.

Zynga and 7-Eleven partners to bring game content ice cream, big gulps [Joystiq]


  • Fun Slide Slurpee cups
  • Big Big Gulp cup Splash
  • Electric Cart Large iced coffee
  • Sandwich Cart All fresh sandwiches
  • Chocolate Persimmon (Tree) Cut fruit
  • Neapolitan Cow 7 Select Vanilla Ice Cream (pint size)
  • Water Tower 7-Choose a water bottle
  • 10 fuel tanks Farmville Prepaid card game

Mafia Wars:

  • Showman (weapons) Slurpee
  • Trio Diva (vehicle), Big Gulp
  • Lone Wolf (arms) 20-ounce coffee
  • Flat bulletproof vest (armor), pizza, chicken wings, Big Bite products, chicken tenders and Breakfast Quesadillas
  • Pepper (weapons) pancakes, taquitos, Burrito Rollers, potatoes
  • Palermo Prowler (vehicle) 7-Select chip
  • Combat Helmet (armor) Prepaid Mafia Wars card game


  • Wall Freezer Slurpee
  • Hamburger Stand Big Gulp
  • Coffee machine 7-selection of cakes in a package
  • Donat-display 7-Select package cake donuts, 4-pack
  • Candy Stand 7 Select Candy
  • Soda machine 7-orange soda Select
  • Nacho Machine Prepaid YoVille card game

Android Game
05/26/2010 Red Dead Redemption Spawns short films for Fox Game [Rockstar]
Click here to read Red Dead Redemption Spawns Short Film For Fox
with Rockstar 'latest is a little late night air this weekend, courtesy of Fox. with Red Dead Redemption '30-minute short , Directed by John Hillcoat ( Road ), Using nothing but the game assets. See how it works on May 29 at midnight. [Rockstar ] More

Android Game
05/29/2010 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Game Preview with Treyarch 'last will be a chart smash.
Following in the footsteps of the most successful video games on the planet to be difficult. But there is a hint that Wasn 'on the trembling nerves in the studio, Santa Monica-based Treyarch. Just raw emotion and determination to create something special in this year 's Call Of Duty.

Click here to read the full article

Android Game
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05/28/2010 Austria-Hungary: Conviction Splinter Cell controversial Ops: Insurgency

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ConvictionContents: Controversial Ops: Insurgency
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions except those in Asia
Dash Text: Critically acclaimed multiplayer mode is back and taking aim at Xbox LIVE with 4 new maps of the disputed Ops. There is no return to this issue. For more information, see www.xbox.com / live / accounts .

Add contentious Ops: Insurgency in your Xbox 360 to download queue

Note: You need a full copy of the condemnation of Splinter Cell to access this content

Android Game

Android Game

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Tetris Clones pulled from Android Market

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